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Independent 7857/Dac

Posted by Pierre on 21st December 2011


Called off the bench again late in the day.  In the interests of getting something out quickish, I’ll be brief.

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Financial Times 13,882 by Cinephile

Posted by PeeDee on 21st December 2011



Can anyone solve this clue, we don’t have the foggiest what is going on here:  “Christopher Robin went down with Alice”? Say “down” probably means “underground” (9)

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Thank You (whoever you are)

Posted by Gaufrid on 21st December 2011


A short while ago I received an unexpected delivery. On opening the parcel I found a bottle of The Famous Gaufrid (my favourite non-single malt tipple!). The label on the back of the bottle reads “Thanks for all your wit and wisdom, and for all you do to keep us all – bloggers, setters and commenters – happy.”

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The Guardian No 25,511, by Pasquale

Posted by Stella on 21st December 2011


I enjoy the Don’s puzzles and this one was no exception: precise cluing in well constructed surfaces made it much more straightforward than I at first feared. Thanks, Pasquale. Read the rest of this entry »

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Inquisitor 1207: A First Centenary by Schadenfreude

Posted by kenmac on 21st December 2011


Inquisitor 1207

An unusually shaped grid this time. Also, it turns out, some of the bars and borders were missing from the published grid, which is a shame. On inspection, the grid is actually 13×13 with 8 squares missing. A quick email to our editor and I had a proper copy of the grid:

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