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Independent 7,854 by Klingsor (Saturday Prize Puzzle, 17/12/2011)

Posted by Simon Harris on December 24th, 2011

Simon Harris.

I hope I’m safe to post this today. Closing dates for puzzles are a bit of a moveable feast at this time of year, but according to the paper, the competition should be over by now.

Klingsor was excellent company on an East Midlands Mainline train up to Sheffield last Saturday. The movement of the train does mean that my entries are penned in a somewhat shaky hand, but I think I’ve been able to decipher them. For the same reason, apologies to anyone who might have to check my Inquisitor submission from the same day, which was partially completed on the return journey.

There do not seem to be any themes or Ninas here, just a good, challenging Saturday cryptic, which I almost finished under my own steam, being held up a little in the NW corner.

*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed, hom=homophone, cd=cryptic definition, dd=double definition.

1 PRIE-DIEU – PRIED + I + EU. One of the two which I did not manage, the term being completely unfamiliar to me. It seems the translation is “pray to God” and refers to a low seat used in some sort of religious capacity.
6 ACCRUE – hom. of “a crew”.
9 IMPRESARIO – I’m afraid that upon blogging, I find myself unable to explain this one: Perhaps the Met’s manager is shortly to strike song at start of Offenbach’s….
10 AIDA – A[s] I[t] D[oesn’t] A[ppeal].
13 WRONG – (R in WON) + G. The Won is the currency – hence “ready” – of South Korea.
14 ANTIKNOCK – IN< in (C[hicke]N TIKKA)*.
18 ACORN – A + CORN.
20 WEST HAM UNITED – (THE NEW STADIUM)*. A nice anagram which may refer to the ongoing saga of whether WHU will take over the Olympic stadium after 2012. Coincidentally, not a team which is overly popular in Sheffield, at least not in the red half of the city.
23 MOSTS in M.O.T.
24 ASTONISHED – AS + T + ON + I + SHED. One of a couple of very nice charade clues here.
25 URSINES in URINE. Something Klingsor does very well is to mislead the solver into parsing the clue wrongly. Here we must mentally separate “Paddington” and “Station”, which does not come instinctively, least of all to a naturalised Londoner such as myself.
2 RAMP – dd. The “cheat” definition was unknown to me, so this was the second of the two clues that I did not manage to solve on the train.
4 INSTEPST in (IN + E[ntertainment] P[rogramme]). In a similar vein to Paddington Station, here one must disassociate “Oxford” and “Street”. Fortunately, the “shoe” sense of the word “Oxford” will be familiar to many regular cryptic solvers.
7 CHAMP – M[ichael] in CHAP. Once again we are misled, this time by Michael Winner. At least he isn’t selling us insurance today.
8 UNDERSCORE – dd. Certainly not what Chedwyn Evans is doing for the mighty Blades this season.
12 GROUSE MOOR – [gettin]G + ROUSE + ROOM<.
16 VICARAGE – (CAR in VIA) + EG<.
21 TUTTI – TUT + TI[p].
22 HERD – [ranc]HER D[oesn’t].

6 Responses to “Independent 7,854 by Klingsor (Saturday Prize Puzzle, 17/12/2011)”

  1. anax says:

    Klingsor is fast becoming a master of the lift-and-separate clue – some terrific examples in here. A supremely entertaining puzzle and although the WEST HAM UNITED / THE NEW STADIUM anagram has done the rounds (outside crossword circles anyway) it’s a pleasure to see it exploited again.

    For IMPRESARIO (how many people instinctively add an N to end while typing that one?) I can see ‘shortly’ leading to two shortened words IMPRES[s] (strike) and ARI[a] (song) followed by O[ffenbach’s].

    Thanks Klingsor for another belter, and to Simon for taking time out at Christmas to put the blog together.

  2. Allan_C says:

    No theme, maybe, but Klingsor’s musical interests showed through in IMPRESARIO, AIDA, and TUTTI. And the one football reference didn’t need a detailed knowledge of the game.

    Thanks, Klingsor and Simon – and a Merry Christmas to all!

  3. nmsindy says:

    Yes, this was a joy to solve, with a great flow to the surface readings. I also found it not too difficult by Klingsor standards with ACORN being my last answer. Never knew PRIE-DIEU was a seat – had thought of it as a kneeler but dicts confirm and also that pried = prised which I did not know either. Thanks Klingsor and Simon and good to see those Blades looking up for a change. I thought they had settled now with 20A with a few bob changing hands…

    I also saw IMPRESARIO as Anax has set out above – it is a somewhat unusual treatment, but quite fair IMHO.

  4. PeterO says:

    The online community are missing out on this one (so far at least). Today’s offering is Radian 7237, originally published 26 December 2009. It was blogged by Duncanshiell, who must have had a moment’s heartburn when he received a comment two years after the event, as he is also due to blog the prize puzzle in today’s Indy, which so happens to be a Radian as well. Perhaps the old Radian deserves another outing, as 5D makes specific reference to Christmas Eve (but the clues to 12D and 13A seem to have been changed since the blog). Maybe, as there is no paper tomorrow, the Klingsor will be slipped in sometime soon?

  5. nmsindy says:

    This (the Klingsor puzzle in the paper on 17 Dec) is available online, using the Crossword Solver link and date 311211 in the ddmmyy format.

  6. sidey says:

    Thank you for that nms.

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