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Financial Times 27th December 2012 – updated 18:44

Posted by duncanshiell on December 27th, 2011


It looks as if the Financial Times has not been published today because Christmas Day fell on a Sunday which means both 26 and 27 December are Bank Holidays in the UK this year.

There certainly isn’t a crossword on line and two newsagents in the Scottish Borders have told me that their delivery notes have NP [not printed/published] against the Financial Times.

If there are printed copies in the London area can someone let me know please.

Update [18:44]: I note that a crossword has now appeared on the FT website dated 27 December. It’s a prize puzzle so it won’t be blogged today

3 Responses to “Financial Times 27th December 2012 – updated 18:44”

  1. Pelham Barton says:

    Hi Duncan

    I have just tried the link from to Today’s Newspaper and it is still showing Saturday 24 December. At least the Saturday puzzles are now up.

  2. Niloci says:

    It seems that the paper wasn’t published on December 27 but the crossword was – on the website; this may be a first in newspaper history….! In retrospect it would have been better if someone had told me about non-publication. As it is we’ll have the fewest entries ever; and the biggest chance of winning!

  3. duncanshiell says:

    There’ll be a blog on Thursday morning – it’s written and ready to go.

    Perhaps I should have entered.

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