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Independent 7862 by Nimrod

Posted by flashling on December 27th, 2011


My last one for the year and it’s a Nimrod, oh dear not again, several days of feasting – well drinking, eating and lounging in front
of the tele, let’s be honest here is not the best fare to prepare for this.

Just the ticket. Nimrod/JH seems to have come to the conclusion we need training, need signals and other points, a great platform to
build on. But he’s giving lines for punishment, I ground to a halt in places, hit the buffers, needed many level crossings out and came off the rails today. Thomas the Tank Engine seems to be the driver for this.

I expected Ninas round the edges or unches but can’t see anything. Having met Eimi I wouldn’t call him or Nimrod the fat controller! I found this bl**dy hard.

8 Awdry As in the Reverend, no OR in WorD in A RY. Great semi &lit clue.
9 Run for it IT replaced by RUN in BitCH to give brunch and scat!! Cheers Nimrod
this was not at all obvious. I hate trying to solve these get the answer and
reapply it to the clues. Is this fair for a weekday puzzle?
10 Burgeoning In BING (Crosby), urge on
11 Nude Hidden reversed in thE DUNderhead
12/20 Choo choo HOOCH in COO
13 Dripstones I thought these were the lintels you could shelter under, still. [I
(current) + SPORT ENDS]*
15 In the engine room [THREE NINE GO IN]* + OM. This is the sort of clue that makes you
want to find and kill setters. :-)
18 Assessment SS + MEN in ASSET
21 Whoa Dr Who + A
22 Watercress [WAR SECRETS]*
23/24 Jones the steam Ivor the engine’s driver, not part of the (t)Awdry stuff but closely
aligned. Cryptic theme definition. All complaints to setter please!
1 Capuchin No N in (mr) PU(n)CH all in CAIN
2 Adagio AD + 1 in AGO
3 My goodness SEND  + O in SO  + GYM all reversed. Not at all obvious this one for me.
4 Training centres Very CD see other answers
5 Snog GO + Bridge partners NS all reversed.
6 Downpour OW + NP in DOUR
7/19 Middle school [model child so]*
14 Song thrush [hung shorts]*
16 Hee-Hawed EH !! rev plus [Head we]*
17 Opossums OP + OS + SUMS
20 Corset Gosh=wow=blimey=my goodness=strewth. So we have a set of CORs……
22 With WIT + H











11 Responses to “Independent 7862 by Nimrod”

  1. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Nimrod for a crossword which I found far from straightforward but ultimately rewarding. Thanks also to flashling for the blog.

    23/24: ON in JEST + (AS THEME)*

  2. MikeC says:

    Thanks flashling and Nimrod. Very tricky. I filled in all the squares (as they say!) but without much idea why, in several cases. 2 and 9 were the most opaque for me.

  3. nmsindy says:

    This was a fine puzzle which I too found very difficult and rewarding. My knowledge of the theme was scant to say the least so I was v pleased to work it all out with my last answer being JONES THE STEAM which I got from the wordplay PB mentions at #1, and then Googled to confirm that there was indeed such a character. The clues were very intricate. Thanks Nimrod and flashling.

  4. sidey says:

    I would say thank you flashling but I think you need to shunt to the washdown stand.

    For some reason I spotted the theme instantly but failed on almost every reference. And to be spectacularly brutal, engine rooms are not to be found on railway locomotives which is why I wanted to write shed, ho hum.

    And I won’t mention 12/20…

  5. Cumbrian says:

    I raced through this, but unfortunately without solving any clues…… Managed SNOG on my second pass, then chipped away at it and finally managed to finish, but with a lot of answers I couldn’t follow so many thanks for the blog! 9a was particularly convoluted; I don’t think I’d ever have worked that one out.

    An extra part to the theme in 22a WATERCRESS, which is the name of the railway line between Alresford and Alton in Hampshire where Thomas and friends can sometimes be found.

  6. Allan_C says:

    With all due respect to Nimrod I thought the theme a bit tenuous, although the gateway clue, 8a, was brilliant. As sidey has pointed out steam locomotives don’t have engine rooms – the nearest equivalent term is footplate. And Jones the Steam comes in a different set of stories from Thomas. As for 12/20… Grrr!

    Thanks, flashling, for the blog – there were a few answers I got without being able to parse them.

  7. Trebor says:

    Really enjoyed this puzzle, only a couple (inc Jones The Steam) beating me in the end. Corset was my favourite.
    Hate to be ungracious but I have to add that I did not enjoy the blog. Criticism and challenge is fair enough but I think this goes over the top.

  8. crypticsue says:

    I was defeated by 13a but once I had the theme in place the rest were filled in a reasonable time (for a Nimrod anyway!!). I did wonder when I got Jones the Steam whether Ivor the Engine might be in there somewhere but sadly not. Thanks to Nimrod for the fun and flashling for the blog. To those of you who thought this tough, you should have tried Nimrod’s alter ego Elgar’s double size online only Telegraph Toughie on Christmas Day. This train set theme was a pussycat after that one.

  9. nmsindy says:

    Re Trebor at #7, I didn’t think the blog was critical of the puzzle – I think it was just saying the puzzle was hard (which has not been disputed!) – and included a couple of “tongue-in-cheek” comments if I read them right.

  10. flashling says:

    Thanks to Pelham for seeing the wordplay on Jones The Steam – I usually miss at least one somewhere and suspected there was more to it. @Trebor – well NMS pretty much beat me to my own defence – I didn’t mean to criticise the puzzle or setter – rather to backhandedly compliment on (for me) a real workout.

  11. Bertandjoyce says:

    Had to finish this in the morning. We could blame it on having to entertain family but actually it was dificult – and it’s not even Thursday! We realised that some of the clues were very obscure having worked out 2d and 16d with a few checking letters but thank you flashling for explaining 9a.
    Thanks to Nimrod as well – you certainly woke up a few brain cells after the Christmas festivities!

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