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Financial Times 13,887 by Cinephile

Posted by PeeDee on December 28th, 2011


A good straightford offering from Cinephile today, not too easy but not really that hard either.

Clue of the day – my favourite clue was 14, 24.   Click the ‘vote’ link to vote for your clue of the day. See the results so far here

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1, 19 down TOLPUDDLE MARTYRS vote PUDDLE (water) inside (MORTALS TRY)* anagram=transported, moved around
6 TOPIC vote TO PIC (picture, illustration)
9, 11 RIGHT HONOURABLE vote (BERLIN AUTHOR HOG)* – honorary title for members of the Privy Council
10 SOVEREIGN vote OVER (excess) E (enegry) in SIGN (symbol)
11 vote See 9
12, 6 down LEFT TURN vote LEFT (abandoned) TURN (entertainment) – reference to British politics
14 BRASHER vote Double definition – Chris Brasher, former athelete, entepreneur and broadcaster
15 PROVERB vote PRO (for) VERB (part of speech)
17 VOYEURS vote (US O VERY)* o=love, zero (tennis score), anagram=possibly – definition is &lit
19 MATISSE vote IS S (second) inside MATE (friend)
20 RAVE vote contRAVEntion – & lit, an unlicenced event
22 FAIRY CYCLE vote FAIRY (spirit) CYCLE (series of events) – a child’s bicycle
25 DESULTORY vote L (learner, student) USED (employed) reversed and TORY (Conservative)
26 ROAST vote Right OAST (oven)
27 EATEN vote sounds like “Eton”, the school
28 DISCOURSE vote OURSElves (in part, only part of) following DISC (record)
1 TORCH vote CH (church) on TOR (hill)
2 LEGENDARY vote LEG (member) END (finish) A RY (railway, line)
3 UNTRUTHFUL vote RUTH (pity) inside United Nations (international body) and LUFT (‘air’ in German) reversed
5 ENVELOP vote definition is ‘to cover’ I can’t quite fathom the wordplay. Obviously a letter is found in an envelope, so is enveloped, but is this really all there is to it? Hardly seems cryptic at all.
6 vote See 12
7 PRIZE vote sounds like “prise” – to exert leverage
8 CONSTABLE vote CONS (reads) TABLE (lsit)
13 MONTE CARLO vote ON (performing) TEC (sleuth) inside MARLOwe (poet, we missing)
14, 24 BEVERIDGE PLAN vote (GRIPE LED)* inside Aneurin ‘Nye’ BEVAN – document proposing a national health service for the UK, instigated by Nye Bevan and produced by William Beveridge.
16 EASY CHAIR vote Definition and cryptic definition
18 SEA FOOD vote (A DOSE OF)* anagram=fizz, moving around
19 vote See 1 across
21 VISIT vote IS IT following V (five)
23 ESTEE vote ESTEEm (respect, most of the letters)
24 vote See 14


3 Responses to “Financial Times 13,887 by Cinephile”

  1. MikeC says:

    Thanks PeeDee, and Cinephile. Enjoyed this one. I also found it not too hard but there were some ingenious clues – like 1, 19.

  2. Eileen says:

    Thanks for the blog, PeeDee. I’m glad Cinephile left you with no unsolved mysteries this week!

    I agree with your assessment of the puzzle and with you, Mike, re the quality of 1,19. I loved the bordering-on-&litishness of its surface and also that of 14,24. &lits don’t come two-a-penny and to get two genuine ones, together with these two clues, was quite a feat, I reckon.

    [So I’m willing to overlook 5dn, where I share your qualms. 😉 ]

  3. DROPO says:

    Would have helped if I had had the slightest idea who the Tolpuddle Martyrs were :)

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