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Independent 7864 / Tees

Posted by Ali on December 29th, 2011


This was very good stuff from the Tees-er, but far from easy. Experience of solving IQs and the odd Listener definitely helped me piece together a few of these, though I’m struggling with one or two!

6 DIVIDE – DI[-d] + VIDE (see)
9 MOSQUE – Q(uart) in (MOUSE)*
10 INFRARED – IN + F(ellow) + RARE + D(ied)
12 ANONYM – AN + ON + MY re3v.
14 UNDERWEAR – Cryptic def.
19/24 SOUTH CHINA SEA – (THIS OCEAN HAS + U[-nusual])*
22 RYOKAN – YOK[-o] in RAN
23 YELLOWER – YELL + OWER – ‘or more’ is a very clever definition here
25 REVEAL – V[-alu]E in REAL
3 NO QUARTER – NO (stylised dram) + QUARTER (4th part)
4 THEBAN – THEN embracing BA
5 CHICKEN MARYLAND – Not 100% sure on this one – ‘Girl hardly daring to deliver meal’
6 DEFEATED – FED rev. + [-sw]E[-et] + (DATE)*
7 IN RANGE – N(ewton) in IN RAGE
8 ENDOMORPH – This must be END (death) + MORPH (one of our compilers), but not sure where the O comes in with ‘to’
13 NUMERICAL – N.U.M + ERIC + [-co]AL
18 UXORIAL – U (posh) + XO (executive officer) + RIAL (cash)
21 CLARET – (L(eft) CRATE)*

12 Responses to “Independent 7864 / Tees”

  1. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Tees for the crossword and Ali for the blog.

    5dn: I read it as “Girl hardly daring” = CHICKEN MARY and “deliver” = LAND

    8dn: One could get O from “one [first letter] of our”, but this seems to require those three words to do double duty. In the singular, “compiler” would be enough for MORPH, but that does not work in the plural.

    25ac: I think this clue would be better without “the”: after all there is more than one team in Madrid, even sticking to Association Football.

  2. Eileen says:

    Thanks for the blog, Ali, and Tees for an enjoyable puzzle.

    I read 8dn as ‘End o’ Morph’! [and 5dn as PB did.]

  3. Pelham Barton says:

    Eileen @2 re 8dn: Yes that works for me without requiring any words in the clue to do double duty. Thanks.

  4. MikeC says:

    Thanks everyone. Quite a tough one! I was pleased to have a solution but the details of several escaped me until now. Now that I’ve seen Ali’s explanation, I think my COD is probably 23 – must be one of the best disguised definitions.

  5. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thank you Ali.

    Found this hard but enjoyed it and was pleased to finish it. I’m still not understanding three things, if someone could oblige: how do we get the BA in THEBAN? How does YELLOWER work? (I see it’s YELL + OWER). And where does the NO in NO QUARTER come from?

    And I know I’ve chuntered on about this before, but I continue to think that referencing other setters (ENDOMORPH) is unfair for the average solver who probably doesn’t even look, or care, who the setter is before attempting the puzzle. But a small niggle in what was a well-constructed crossword, thank you also to Tees.

  6. nmsindy says:

    Re K’s D at #6, Or = gold (yellow) so ‘or more’ = yellower. Ba = soul (from Egypt) and No (or Noh) = drama from Japan. These are two or three-word things that tend to be used in puzzles that one gets to know over time.

    Thanks, Tees and Ali/

  7. Pelham Barton says:

    K’s Dad @5 and using Chambers 2011:

    23ac: or² (heraldry) n the tincture gold or yellow, so “or more?” indicates a comparative yellower – the dodgy nature of this indicated by a question mark.

    3dn: no[4] n the traditional Japanese style of drama developed out of a religious dance.

    4dn: ba n in ancient Egyptian religion, the soul, represented as a bird wirh a human head.

    OR and NO are almost crossword cliches – I did not know BA, but it had to be that to fit the rest of the clue.

  8. nmsindy says:

    Maybe even two or three-letter things…

  9. Pelham Barton says:

    … and in my comment @7 crossing nms @6, “with” not “wirh”.

  10. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks, both. I’ve seen OR for the gold bit in previous puzzles, and that’s a clever clue now you’ve explained it; but can’t say I’ve come across any of those other two babies before …

  11. Allan_C says:

    Got it all, though without fully understanding some of the clues, so thanks to Ali for the blog. RYOKAN was a new word to me but explained it.

  12. Tees says:

    Thank you all very much indeed for the comments, and to Ali for the excellent blog.

    14A is meant to parse as a fairly jocular charade using UNDER plus WEAR, but I agree it has its CD characteristics! The only other item I have is that the U in UXORIAL is clued ‘acceptable to posh': one for good old Nancy Mitford, that is.

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