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Financial Times 13,889 / Bradman

Posted by shuchi on December 30th, 2011


From mathematics to religion to slang, Bradman draws from a breadth of topics to craft his clues today. I’m happy to have this puzzle to blog as my last post of 2011. Happy New Year, everyone.

Favourites of the day: 19a, 25a, 26a.


1 CABBALA CAB (taxi) BALA (a lake in Wales)
5 FIFERS F (loud) E (English), in FIRS (trees). A fifer is a foot soldier who played the fife (a type of flute) during combat.
9 RIDES hidden in ‘caR I DESire’, with a fresh hidden word indicator: ‘is more than adequate’.
11 TRIBE RIB (Eve, as she was) in T[h]E. According to the creation story of Abrahamic religions, Eve was created out of Adam’s rib. Tribe of Dan was one of the Tribes of Israel.
15 CAPSID PA (old man) in DISC (record), all reversed. Got this from the checking and wordplay. Capsid is a leaf bug, also called miridae.
17 ADDERS SADDER (less happy), with ‘S’ shifted from beginning to end.
19 NOVEMBER (MOB NEVER)*. Very nice clue.
22 ANNEALING ANN (woman) EALING (somewhere in London)
23 CHAOS CHA (tea), SO (thus) reversed
24 EARED EA (each) RED (revolutionary)
25 FIBONACCI FIB (lie) ON (about) A C and CI (adjacent numbers 100 and 101).
26 SNORER SORER (feeling angrier) around N[oise], with a LOL-worthy definition.
27 GINSENG GINS (drinks) E (energy) NG (no good)


1 CRYSTAL PALACE (REPAY CATCALLS)*. A football club in UK.
2 BATWING TWIN (one of two) in BAG (sack). Tapered sleeve with a deep armhole, narrowing towards the wrist.
3 AERIE A ERIE (lake)
4 ALIGHTED A LIGHT (spongy) [b]ED
5 FEMORA ROME (See, as in the Holy See) F (female) reversed, A (ace)
7 RADICES From the name of  Baron Giles Heneage Radice, Baron Radice, a Labour member of the House of Lords. In mathematics, radices (plural of ‘radix’) are the bases in a numerical system e.g. the radix of the decimal system is 10.
10 SALAD DRESSING LAD (boy) in SA (salvationist) DRESSING (uniform)
14 CORIANDER CORGI (dog) and GANDER (goose), without their ‘G’s.
16 DOGGY BAG cd. A bag to carry leftovers from a restaurant. The term derives from the euphemistic pretense that the food will be given to the customer’s dog.
18 DENDRON DEN (study), R[oom] in DON (academic). An extension of a nerve cell, also called dendrite.
20 BLANCHE B (bishop), CH (church) in LANE (way)
21 TITFER from ‘tit for tat’. Titfer is Cockney slang for hat.
23 CANON C[hapel] ANON (soon)

6 Responses to “Financial Times 13,889 / Bradman”

  1. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Bradman for a puzzle well up to your usual delightful standard and shuchi for the blog. Favoutie clue 26ac.

    12ac: HERETICAL (TEACHER I L[ove])*: “Unorthodox” is the definition and “inordinately” the anagram indicator, so the L must be part of the anagram.

  2. Pelham Barton says:

    Correction to 1: “Favourite” not “Favoutie”, which is a typing error, not – to my knowledge, anyway – a dialect word.

  3. Bamberger says:

    Got about half out.
    I had 3d as “perch” being something found in a lake and something that birds sit upon. As the third letter was r which intersected with the r of ytterbium, I thought it was correct which didn’t help my failed attempts 1a or 11a.
    7d I didn’t think much of this. Google it and it is simple. If you have never heard of him, it isn’t much of clue at all.
    15a Well done to anyone who got that unaided.
    22a Also not impressed by this.Pick any female name out of thousands and add one of thousands of places in London. Ok if you have some checking letters you might get it-otherwise?
    Thanks for the blog.

  4. shuchi says:

    @Pelham Barton: Thanks, I have included 12a in the blog now.

  5. Bradman (etc.) says:

    Thanks for all comments over past year. Happy solving in 2012.

  6. mlega says:

    Thanks to Bradman and shuchi for excellent puzzle and blog.

    25ac was a brilliant clue, since in a Fibonacci series, the sum of adjacent numbers is the next element of the series.

    I liked the biblical clues, 11ac and 6dn too, but missed 5dn. It had to be femurs but…

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