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Independent 7867 by Tyrus

Posted by NealH on January 2nd, 2012


*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed, hom=homophone, CD=cryptic def, DD=double def, sp=spoonerism

When I saw this was a Tyrus themed puzzle, my temptation was to start hitting the cheat button straight away. If it hadn’t been a holiday time, I probably would have done. However, as with the Anax a couple of weeks ago, this wasn’t Tyrus at his most fearsome. Although I found it harder than the Anax, all the clues were fairly gettable with a bit of persistence. As ever with Tyrus, there were plenty of popular culture references.

6/4/16A Here Comes The Judge: I can’t say I’ve ever heard of the song and I’m not entirely sure which version it’s referring to. There seems to be one by someone called Shorty Long and another by the impressively named Pigmeat Markham. I think the clue refers to the words on the right hand side of the grid, which spell out “All Rise”.
7 Micronesia: (Rain comes)* around I.
9 Sobers: Sober (as a judge) + s(mall).
10 Dreadful: Hom of Dredd (Judge Dredd) +fu[e]l.
11 Alliance: [D]alliance.
14 Tarsal: T(ime) + Ars[en]al. Ens are spacing units in printing and tarsals are bones in the foot (frequently broken by footballers).
15 Jury: (Judge) Judy (a US reality-TV programme) with D replaced by R.
17 Coir: Co + Ir.
18 Isaiah: Seems to be “Is AI” + ah!
20 Paganini: P(layed) + (again in)*. Barking=mad is the anagram indicator.
22 Marauded: Mara[t] + dude*.
24 Briefs: I in b(lack) refs. The legal connotation of the word did have me confused on the parsing for a while, but the definition is just underwear.
26 Usherettes: U + she + setter<. The def is just escorts, the female bit being part of the fodder.
27 Epee: E + pee.
1 Lego: Leg (= cricket on) + o[ffice]. Might have been fairer to have clued blocks with a question mark.
2 Temerity: (Time tyre)*.
3 Iced: Ice + d.
5 Simulation: S[t]imulation.
7 Mason: Moans*.
8 Elder: [Fi]elder.
12 Louis Walsh: (US who is all )*. “Right” appears to be the anagram indicator, which I assume refers to the “all rise” on the right of the grid.
13 End up: Cryptic ref to Stop<.
16 John Deed: John(=can) + deed(=act). Reference to the TV series, Judge John Deed, which starred the actor Martin Shaw.
17 Consider: C(ollege) + on side + r(=take).
19 Irate: I(ndependent) + rate.
21 Gibes: GI’s (=”soldier’s” contracted) around be.
23 Data: (A tad)<.
25 Feel: Fee + l.

9 Responses to “Independent 7867 by Tyrus”

  1. MikeC says:

    Thanks Neal and Tyrus. I enjoyed this – splendid variety in the word play. I missed ALL RISE and the r=take in 17D. Must try harder in future!

  2. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Tyrus for a tough crossword and Neal for sorting it all out. I too missed ALL RISE.

    13dn: I could work out what was intended, but found this clue unsatisfactory. As I read it, the word play needs us to take END = “stop”, and then reverse “stop” to form the clue word “Post”. Because the reversal takes place in the clue, not on the grid, I think it needs a horizontal reversal indicator. Therefore I cannot regard UP as a correct indicator, even though this is a down clue. As always, I have no quarrel with those whose opinions differ from mine.

  3. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks, Neal.

    Well, if this wasn’t Tyrus at his most fearsome, I’d hate to meet him in a dark alley …

    Now you’ve explained it, it all seems fair, and I’ll say I completed it rather than solved it, since I spent more time looking up stuff on Mrs Google and with electronic aids than I did writing in the answers. Essentially this was a puzzle that was beyond me. The gateway clue is, frankly, a little known song (by me, anyway), and having to get the hidden phrase down the right hand side to understand it is a bit of an ask.

    Anyway, one for those that like a challenge, I think.

  4. dialrib says:

    Thanks NealH.

    Here Comes the Judge was used to introduce a recurring sketch in Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In. The judge was played by Sammy Davis Jr for a time.

    I saw ‘right’ as the anagram indicator for 12d (ie regardless of the “all rise”).

  5. Pelham Barton says:

    dialrib @4: Thanks for that. I knew I had heard of the song before, but had forgotten where. I agree with you about 12dn (taking “right” = “corrected”).

  6. nmsindy says:

    Thanks, NealH, and Tyrus. I found this pretty hard but one expects that from Tyrus. Though a lot of the references were unknown to me, I was able to get them (eventually) from the wordplay and verified them after – I also saw the ALL RISE. Very good puzzle – favourite clues, LEGO and SOBERS.

  7. Tramp says:

    Lovely puzzle

  8. Allan_C says:

    Well, I got there in the end with some use of the reveal letter button, but didn’t find it particularly satisfying. Like PB@2 I thought the clue to 13d unsatisfactory, and the references in 10a, 15a, 12d and 16d were lost on me.

  9. Tyrus says:

    Thanks for the blog and comments. Happy New Year to all.

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