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Independent 7,869/Dac

Posted by Ali on 4th January 2012


A new year, but the same old Dac. Which of course means consistently elegant clueing and lovely surfaces. Here’s to another 51 of these before the year’s out!

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Financial Times 13,892 by Monk

Posted by PeeDee on 4th January 2012


A good crossword with quite a wide variation in the difficulty of the clues.  Thank you Monk.

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Guardian 25,523 – Arachne

Posted by Andrew on 4th January 2012


A nice mixture of clueing devices in Arachne’s web today. Mostly not too difficult, but I was fooled by a hidden answer till right at the end, and there are a couple of clues where I’m not totally convinced by my explanations – improved suggestions welcomed! Thanks to Arachne for an enjoyable puzzle, and Happy New Year to everyone.

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Inquisitor 1209: The Calm Before The Storm by Samuel

Posted by duncanshiell on 4th January 2012


The preamble stated "in every clue, the wordplay leads to the answer together with an extra letter not to be entered in the grid.  In clue order these give the first line of a work, minus one key word.  The work’s second line suggests the entry method for six answers; it’s final line, a timely message, completes the unclued part of the perimeter."

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