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Financial Times no.13,893 by GOZO

Posted by Ringo on 5th January 2012


A real wrong ‘un (or, if you prefer, curveball) from Gozo here. I think this is the first FT puzzle I’ve blogged that comes with special instructions; the theme may well have a few non-sports-savvy solvers tearing their hair, and even those au fait with card games and cricket jargon might find themselves taking issue with some of Gozo’s liberties and contrivances – but, for all that, I thought it was a really enjoyable solve.

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Independent 7,870 / Monk

Posted by RatkojaRiku on 5th January 2012


I looked through my past blogs this morning to see if I had blogged a Monk before, and to my surprise, since Monk has featured on my crosswording landscape for a very long time, I had not.

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Guardian 25,524 / Puck

Posted by Eileen on 5th January 2012


After the delightful Arachne yesterday, another welcome post-Christmas present to off-set the foul weather, in this quite challenging and entertaining puzzle from Puck. The characteristically witty and ingenious cluing provided a number of smiles and ‘aha’ moments along the way, making this a really enjoyable solve. Many thanks, Puck.

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Financial Times 13,886 / Dante – Prize Puzzle – 27 December 2011

Posted by duncanshiell on 5th January 2012


I don’t blog Financial Times crosswords very often, so I haven’t encountered Dante before.  As I solved the puzzle, I thought the cluing style was familiar with very smooth surfaces, lots of double or cryptice definitiions and very few complex clue constructs.

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Guardian Christmas Prize No 25,514 by Araucaria

Posted by bridgesong on 5th January 2012


It was my privilege this year to solve and blog this puzzle whose theme was hinted at in the introduction:

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Financial Times 13,885 – Christmas Crossword by Gozo

Posted by Gaufrid on 5th January 2012


When this puzzle eventually became available on-line on Boxing Day I thought “Oh good. I enjoy alphabetical jigsaws” so I proceeded to convert the pdf into a format where the font size was such that I could read the clues and the grid more easily.

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