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Financial Times N° 13, 897 by Armonie

Posted by PeterO on January 10th, 2012


Wandering from my usual Guardian beat, I find a puzzle by John Dawson, whom I know better as his alter ego Chifonie; the results are much the same, with straightforward clue construction, smooth surfaces and some ingenious misdirection. John Dawson gives his main interests as crosswords, music, and walking in the Lake District. Could one ask for anything more?

1. Victim is informal with heartless judge (8)
CASUALTY A charade of CASUAL (‘informal’) + T[r]Y (‘heartless judge’).
5. Violin fitted with new string (6)
STRAND An envelope (‘fitted with’) of N (‘new’) in STRAD ( Stradivarius, ‘violin’).
9. Worker troubled no master (8)
STOREMAN An anagram (‘troubled’) of ‘no master’.
10. Creative work found in resort in ancient Greece (6)
SPARTA An envelope (‘found in’) of ART (‘creative work’) in SPA (‘resort’).
12. Developed vital cure that’s profitable (9)
LUCRATIVE An anagram (‘developed’) of ‘vital cure’.
13. Fish smell loses its initial character (5)
TENCH A subtraction [s]TENCH (‘smell’ ‘losing its initial character’).
14. Bob Stein is conceited (4)
SMUG A charade of S (shilling, ‘bob’) + MUG (‘stein’).
16. Reject oily cheese cloth (7)
TAFFETA A charade of TAF, a reversal (‘reject’) of FAT (‘oily’) + FETA (‘cheese’).
19. Eagerly desirin’ a drug (7)
ASPIRIN ASPIRIN[g] (‘desirin’ with the g similarly dropped).
21. US president gets transport to hotel (4)
BUSH A charade of BUS (‘transport’) + H (‘hotel’). Take your choice.
24. Leave car with a jacket (5)
PARKA A charade of PARK (‘leave car’) + ‘a’.
25. Heave when swallowing fish supplement (9)
SURCHARGE An envelope (‘when swallowing’) of CHAR (‘fish’) in SURGE (‘heave’).
27. Turned and set free (6)
PUTRID A charade of PUT (‘set’) + RID (‘free’). Devious.
28. Bureaucrat with a right to enter ministry (8)
MANDARIN An envelope (‘to enter’) of AND (‘with’) + ‘a’ + R (right’) in MIN (‘ministry’).
29. Climbed like a snake (6)
SCALED Double definition.
30. Logical ones dare change (8)
REASONED An anagram (‘changed’) of ‘ones dare’.
1. Keep lecturer in class (6)
CASTLE An envelope (‘in’) of L (‘lecturer’) in CASTE (‘class’). I recall a previous discussion as to whether a keep was a castle, or just part of one. Anyway, it’s in the right general area.
2. Put an end to good spirits (6)
SCOTCH Double definition. A value judgement here, but I would not quibble with it.
3. Some care naturally for The Ring (5)
ARENA A hidden answer (‘some’) in ‘cARE NAturally’.
4. Hunting down Tory leader’s sport (7)
TRACING A charade of T (‘Tory leader’) + RACING (‘sport’).
6. Give money to county officers (9)
TIPSTAFFS A charade of TIP (‘give money to’) + STAFFS (Staffordshire, ‘county’ of England). A tipstaff is a staff with a tip, or the officer (of a court, for example) who ceremonially carries – or carried – one.
7. A way to keep all one’s products organised (8)
ARRANGED An envelope (‘to keep’) of RANGE (‘all ones products’) in A RD (‘a way’).
8. Ed hated a fancy tie (4,4)
DEAD HEAT An anagram (‘fancy’) of ‘ed hated a’.
11. Knight in venture that’s dishonest (4)
BENT An envelope (‘in’) of N (‘knight’ in chess) in BET (‘venture’).
15. Soldier eats fish spread (9)
MARGARINE An envelope (‘eats’) of GAR (‘fish’) in MARINE (‘soldier’).
17. Instrument scans round barrel (8)
PANPIPES An envelope (’round’) of PIPE (‘barrel’ as a pipe of port; two hogsheads) in PANS (‘scans’).
18. Peter to rearrange a musical work (8)
OPERETTA An anagram (‘rearrange’) of ‘peter to’ + ‘a’.
20. Is aware of pronounced smell (4)
NOSE A homophone (‘pronounced’) of KNOWS (‘is aware of’).
21. Assault creates courtroom anger (7)
BARRAGE A charade of BAR (‘court’) + RAGE (‘anger’).
22. Boring spell in rehearsal (3,3)
DRY RUN A definition and literal interpretation: DRY (‘boring’) + RUN (‘spell’).
23. Fellow salesman’s up for a drink (6)
PERNOD A reversal (‘up’, in a down clue) of DON (‘fellow’) + REP (‘salesman’). Pernod is the trade name of an anise-flavoured cordial.
26. Pluto tolerated bridge opponents (5)
HADES A charade of HAD (‘tolerated’ – “I’ve had about enough of that”) + ES (East and South, ‘bridge opponents’). Hades is another name for Pluto, the Greek god of the underworld, as well as his dwelling place.

3 Responses to “Financial Times N° 13, 897 by Armonie”

  1. crypticsue says:

    This was a very nice crossword – all the cryptics today seem to be extremely user-friendly and entertaining at the same time. Thanks to Armonie and Peter too.

  2. MikeC says:

    Thumbs up from me, too. Thanks both.

  3. DROPO says:

    Yes, this is a good one – very nice indirection, of the sort where you slap your head at something that should have been so easy to see and really wasn’t.

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