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Financial Times 13,898 by Cinephile

Posted by PeeDee on January 11th, 2012


A super crossword from Cinephile, reasonably easy but with a wide range of interesting devices so I would not describe this one as straightforward.  This is how the midweek crosswords should be I think, accessible without being boring.

The W of the preamble is of course Tennessee Williams, American playwright.  My favourite clue was 3 down, easy to get but a lovely surface reading.

Hold mouse over a clue number to read the clue.

1 WITNESS Definition and cryptic definition – witness=see and ‘the head of wit’ (ness=head, wit=intelligence)
5 DESIRED A Streetcar Named DESIRE and ‘D (had, briefly), also SIR (teacher) in DEED (action) – this clue has two constructions but no definition that I can see, it doesn’t seem to be &lit either.
9, 10 GLASS MENAGERIE LASS (girl) MEN (fellows) with AGE (get old) following (persuing), all inside GRIEf (endless sorrow)
11 WHEREWITH WH (Shakespeare’s friend) ER (Elizabeth Regina, The Queen) WHITE* (turned=anagram) – WH is the (unknown) person to whom Shakespeare dedicated his collection of sonnets.
12 TONGS Name inside TOGS (clothes) – definition is collector
13 RAMBO RAM (male) BO (body odour)
15 STREETCAR A STREETCAR Named Desire and ERECT* (anagram=structure) inside STAR (heavenly body)
18 TENNESSEE Time with East, North, North, East, South, South, East and East (directions) – definitionis ‘state’, I’m not sure what part ‘other’ plays in this clue  East South and North are the other dimensions to W(West).  I think W=Williams is a red-herring here.  Thanks to Wanderer.
19 SITKA SIT (situation, as in sitcom) AlasKA (only part of) – the Sitka Spruce
21 NIMES inside disSEMINation reversed – City in France
23 DETHRONED DEaTH (missing middle=heart) (OR END)* anagram=upset
25 ORCHESTRA OR (gold) CHEST (box) RA (sun god) – definition is ‘musicians’, the possessive apostrophe is a red herring
26 SAHIB AS* (reinvented=anagram) with HIB (one of the Hibs, Hibernian FC football club) – definition is ‘Indian gentleman’
27 FOOTPAD Definition and cryptic definition, footpad=robber and a corn is a sore on a foot, so a foot pad will help.
28 THEATRE THE A (definite and indefinite articles) in fron ot TRE (‘three’ in Italian) – definition is William’s medium
1 WAGE WAR WAG (clown) WEAR* (motley=anagram)
2 TRADESMAN TRADES (trade winds) and MAN (Isle of Man)
3 ELSIE ELSE (would otherwise be) outside I (1 Roman numeral)
4 SYMBIOSIS anagram of MY BOSS IS and I (1 Roman numeral) – definition is inseparability, living in mutual dependence
5 DENCH DEN (retreat, a private place) CH (church) – Dame Judy Dench. I like the double meaning of ‘Dame’ here, it can refer to both Judy Dench’s gender and her title
6 SIGHTLESS Definition and cryptic definition – “a sight less” = “a lot less”
7 RERUN PERU (without leading letter) inside RN (Royal Navy, sailors) – definition is ‘return to track’
8 DRESSER Cryptic definition – another theatre reference
14 OVERSLEEP SLEEPOVER (overnight stay) with ‘sleep’ and ‘over’ swapping places (the wrong way round) – if you oversleep you may miss breakfast
16 RE-ENTRANT RE (regarding, in the case of) and ENTRANT (one seeking to qualify) – definition is ‘pointing inwards’
17, 18 CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF CATO (Roman Statesman, Cato the Censor) and (NOT OF HAIR NOT)* possible=anagram – play by Tennessee Williams
20 AUDIBLE ABLE (competent) around Unilateral Declaration of Independence (rebellion)
22 MACHO CH (Companion of Honour) inside Chairman MAO – definition is ‘tough guy’
23 DATED Double definition
24 ROSIE IS reversed inside ROE (eggs) – ‘Cider With Rosie’, novel by Laurie Lee



5 Responses to “Financial Times 13,898 by Cinephile”

  1. Wanderer says:

    Excellent puzzle, great fun and, as you say, not too difficult.

    18 I read as T + (sounds like) NSE, which are the directions OTHER than W.

    Many thanks Cinephile and PeeDee.

  2. PeeDee says:

    Wanderer, I like yourthinking here, but I can’t quite get it to work fully.
    If ‘state’=’sounds like’, time=’T’ and NSE=’directions other for W’, then that uses up all the clue. Its not &lit, and if either (or both) of ‘State’ or ‘W’ are the definition then they are are doing double duty, which is a bit naughty. Also, one has to pronounce T (time)as ‘tuh’ rather than ‘tee’. The name of the letter T is ‘tee’ not ‘tuh’.

  3. Steve says:

    Thanks Cinephile and PeeDee.

    Re 19 Across, Sitka is not only a tree but also a place in Alaska

  4. crypticsue says:

    I came to the puzzle towards the end of a particular trying day and it was just the job. Not too difficult but extremely entertaining. Thank you Cinephile for the perfect Wednesday puzzle.

  5. Yank says:

    Getting to this late…I think 18a is a three-part definition…1) a state is Tennessee, 2) time “T” + other directions (“E”,”N”,”N”,etc.) for 3) W or “Tennessee” Williams. Great puzzle!

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