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Independent 7872 (Saturday Prize Puzzle 7th January 2012) by Nestor

Posted by twencelas on January 14th, 2012


Need some exercise for the new year – Nestor’s puzzle is certainly a good work out! As you would expect.

So the first Saturday of 2012 brings us a Nestor puzzle, with some elegant mis-directions in the clues.

17 down took some effort to parse with each of its word’s meaning not the one that would come first into one’s thoughts. 1ac has a lovely surface and a misdirection too and its in good company with an array of mis-directed definitions in  11 ac, 27ac, 28ac, 2dn, 3dn and 24dn (to highlight but a few). The Spoonerism for 25ac is quite sublime and the  combination of 9 and 10 down took some working out.

Many thanks Nestor – just what I needed after Christmas and so many marvellous clues.


* Anagram: Rev Reverse


1              Halt (- t) (Stop endless) + finch (tweeter as in bird) = HALF INCH (Appropriate as in steal)

6              L (left) in Mat (Carpet) = MALT (Whisky)

11           Ram (smash) + B.O (Box office) = RAMBO (Sly Feature as in Sylvester Stallone  film)

12           Rev (Us – people) + peruser (scanner) = SUPERUSER (Computer Administrator)

13           got (persuaded)  + other (alternative) + y (party finally) around count (tally) = GO TO THE COUNTRY (thus? As in election)

14           (Ranted)* = ARDENT (with passion)

16           sing (chant) around team (players) = STEAMING (Legless)

19           tea (dinner) + raw (not cooked) + ay (very well) = TEARAWAY (Reckless)

20           Ban (Disqualification) around ATM (Hole in the wall – Bank machine)  = BATMAN (Champion for justice)

22           Fences (Hedges) around (trapelse)* = FALSE PRETENCES (Deception)

25           Spoonerism of Laced wine = WAISTLINE (Measurement)

26           e (last of the) + MaCkErEl = EMCEE (Present)

27           P (map’s ultimate) + hew (shape with cuts) = PHEW (It’s a relief)

28           Rev (Spans – vaults) + hot (stolen property) = SNAPSHOT (Still Taken Quickly)



2              A Dit (Morse code) around M (Male) = ADMIT (Confess)

3              Flat (Still) around O (Oxygen) + in + gas (evaporated state) + sets (solidifies) = FLOATING ASSETS (What can be liquid)

4              Homonym of compiler (Nestor – me) = NESTER (Brooding type?)

5              (Phew 27ac)* + or (as an alternative) + th (sides of triptych) = HEPWORTH (Sculptor)

7              (drums bias)* = ABSURDISM (Senseless world-view)

8              TE + RM (TeenageR RowdyisM outwardly) = TERM (what being pregnant leads to? i.e. completion of pregnancy)

9              Pant (Long) around Reg (registration) + n (gun at last) = PREGNANT (Loaded)

10           Bran (Cereal fibre) + (asanswered)* = BRAND AWARENESS (Subject of consumer awareness)

15           Drama (histrionics) + Mine (For me) = DRAMAMINE (Anti-nausea drug)

17           Rev(Ret (Steep as in soak) + Snag (Ladder) ) around G (fifth note of C) = GANGSTER (soprano possibly as in the US series SOPRANOS)

18           Sap (Vigour) + Pics (illustrations) around h (hard) = SAPPHICS (Lesbian writing)

21           Genera (Classes) v  (see) for r(run) = GENEVA (Convention site as in Geneva Convention)

23           ChArCoAl (evenly) + o (over) = CACAO (Tree)

24           Swamp (Slough) – m (miles) = SWAP (Interchange)

5 Responses to “Independent 7872 (Saturday Prize Puzzle 7th January 2012) by Nestor”

  1. Allan_C says:

    Yes, a good workout – thanks, Nestor and twencelas. I couldn’t parse 17d even tough the answer was obvious. Superuser and Dramamine were new to me but easily confirmed by googling. 25a raised a smile.

  2. Allan_C says:

    For ‘tough’ read ‘though’

  3. nmsindy says:

    Agreed, tiptop puzzle v inventive, tough and fair. Thanks, Nestor and twencelas.

  4. Lenny says:

    This was an entertaining and very demanding tour de force from Nestor. Twencelas has mentioned many of the clever deceptions. I particularly liked Batman, where I was tempted by Lawman until I got the wordplay. It is a tribute to Nestor’s skill that all the wordplay becomes clear once the answer is arrived at. I had no queries or quibbles.

    I only knew Dramamine from the couplet in Allan Sherman’s song about the Jewish travelling salesman, Bye Bye Bloomberg:
    Packed my Playboy magazine,
    Drip-dry shirt, Dramamine…

  5. flashling says:

    I found this easy. OK I lie, but solveable after(quite)a while without assistance, which I couldn’t say after the previous Nestor. Thanks Twencelas and Nestor.

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