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Beelzebub 1140

Posted by Jed on 15th January 2012



A wonderful selection of previously unknown words amongst the answers

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Azed 2066/hue

Posted by ilancaron on 15th January 2012


Another case of forgetting it was my turn.  And then when I did start solving, I found out halfway through I was working on this week’s (2067).  Oh well.  Fortunately 2066 (and all that) was fairly easy for an Azed — though I’ve given up on a wordplay or two. Lots of updates from wisdom of the crowd.  See below.  (In my defense: I solved the puzzle and wrote the blog in about an hour feeling guilty the whole time for being forgetful).

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Everyman nº3405

Posted by Stella on 15th January 2012


A typical Sunday morning stroll. Thanks, Everyman.
With a wink to scchua, I include a photo of the car I learnt to drive in – or one like it – I wrote ours off three days after passing my test :) Read the rest of this entry »

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Independent on Sunday 1142/Hypnos

Posted by Pierre on 15th January 2012


A puzzle from Hypnos that was in parts perhaps easier to solve than parse.  It was certainly the hardest of the IoS puzzles I’ve blogged so far, with a number of clues that I really struggled with.  Large chunks of it were however generally accessible, in the usual Indy Sunday style, but with what struck me as a high number of clues with multi-part answers.  I’ve not solved or blogged enough of this setter to say whether this is a characteristic feature of his crosswords.  An enjoyable crossword, but I’m interested to know what others thought about the difficulty level.

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