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Azed 2066/hue

Posted by ilancaron on January 15th, 2012


Another case of forgetting it was my turn.  And then when I did start solving, I found out halfway through I was working on this week’s (2067).  Oh well.  Fortunately 2066 (and all that) was fairly easy for an Azed — though I’ve given up on a wordplay or two. Lots of updates from wisdom of the crowd.  See below.  (In my defense: I solved the puzzle and wrote the blog in about an hour feeling guilty the whole time for being forgetful).

1 M(EDAC)CA – cam* in dace*.  Freshwater Japanese fish.  So not found in the River Cam.
6 SHAMA – Indian songbird and SHAMA=this,N=note = a magician.
10 UNI(LOCULA)R – having one cavity.  (all ou[t],c)* in ruin*
11 SOR[did],AGE – a hawk’s first year.  Not sure how “passing did mean”=SOR though? Allan clarifies below: SOR[did]=mean
12 TALCUM – hidden
14 HU(G)E – the first hue (and cry).
16 [ag]A (RAVI)R – French you know for ravishingly.  50% of one=an=A.  And ref. our friend RAVI Shankar.  Actually wordplay should be: RAVI in rev(ra[ga]). Thanks to Chris.  Another AN=one that wasn’t to be.
17 SPA,VIE – a mystery? “Affliction of Scottish horse? One gets well with life abroad” Scots spavin=horse disease.  SPA=well, VIE=life in France.  C’est la vie.
19 NEWSAGENT – (Agnes went)*
20 AEROBIONT – O in baritone*.  An aerobe.
25 C(REP)ON – thick fabric.  REP=corded cloth.  CON=know (archaic).
29 SAAR – ref. the SAAR industrial area in w. Germany.  comp. anag. (Industrial area)* = (Turin ideal, SAAR)*
30 [a]LE(VER[y])S
31 CAM,ERA – it’s a recorder of former times.  But why out of joint? “Recorder showing times formerly out of joint?”. Cam=kam=awry = “out of joint” for Shak.  Thanks Thomas.
32 OPEN SECRET – (so pretence)*.  anag. &lit
33 G,URGE – whirlpool as is gulf (archaic)
34 POIN[g],ADO – a small sword, as is a POINADO=poniard.  Whinger and whingeing having two meanings here: the second is complaining=poing. I admit I don’t understand the exlaplantion below: that the wordplay is really PO[m],IN,ADO for “Whinger, one (some say) whingeing endlessly, in trouble?” — why is “one (some say) whingeing” = POM?

1 MUSHA – ([s]hamus) – Irish exclamation.
2 ETOURDER,IE – French carelessness.  (re-routed)*
3 DURGA,N – undersized.  But why is DUR=symbol of victory? (G=note, one=AN).  “Symbol victory, note, one that’s underdeveloped”. Thanks to Chris and Thomas.  Durga is goddess of victory.  So much for AN=one.  Again.
4 C(IGG)IE – gig* in CIE=French compagnie (hinted at by Johnny Halliday).  And there are (usually) 20 in a pack.
5 CLEAR(W[as])ING – moth.  W[as] in CLEARING=glade
6 S,CARP,A – scarper
7 HU(L)E – rubber tree.  Our second hue.
8 A,L(C)OVE – kinda sorta an &lit: “Wherein one’s caught being hugged by an amour”.
9 ARM(LET)S – let = archaic delay/hindrance (though still used in tennis).  And ARMS=hostilities.
13 UNINDEARED – (dire duenna)* – bad typo originally with UNENDEARED which meant I couldn’t solve 17A.
15 O(SSO B)UCCO – stew.  But I can’t decode all the wordplay.  I see rev(boss=employer) and nothing=O but the rest? “Stew with nothing on holds employer up, short of pies”.  Ah… ultimately parsed by Manu as: O=nothing,rev(OCCU[pies], boss=employer). Thanks!
18 HACK-LOG – chopping block.  HACK=mediocre.  LOG=record.
21 R(E)IVER – ref. Darling River.  And REIVER is robber if you trace all the etymologies in Chambers (e.g. bereave=rob, etc.).  Rather a hard clue since I wasn’t familiar with the Darling River in Australia.
22 BOURSE – hidden
23 NA,GAR,I – Sanskrit script.  rev(i, rag=shred, an).  AN=one.  Again.
24 CHA,ETA – tea*.  CHAETA is bristle.
27 D(RAC)O – dragon lizard.  Ref. RAC=Royal Automobile Assoc.
28 L,ENG – archaic tarry.  Eng.=England.

16 Responses to “Azed 2066/hue”

  1. PS says:

    Thanks for the blog. 11ac I took “passing did mean” to be sordid as a synonym of mean — less did gives sor. Any other offers?

  2. PS says:

    15ac I took OCCU as “holds” doing a double duty as occupies — short of pies = occu.
    Not sure of this or my comment at #1 but that is my thinking.

  3. Manu says:

    17 ac. = SPAVIE – SPA (well) + VIE (life in French)

    So I guess 13 down becomes UNINDEARED instead of UNENDEARED

    SPAVIE exists as an entry in the Merriam-Webster, yet it is undefined and they send you to the entry SPAVIN (a bony enlargement of the hock of a horse associated with strain)

  4. Manu says:

    I agree with PS on 15 down.
    OCCU(pies) + BOSS + O (reversed)

  5. Chris says:

    3d: DURGA = goddess of victory, N = note.

  6. Chris says:

    .. and at 34, I think it should be PO(m) (“whingeing pom”) IN ADO.

  7. Thomas99 says:

    3 – Durga is the symbol of victory, isn’t she? (The wife of Shiva in Hindu mythology)
    15 – I agree with the above comments except that there isn’t double duty if you take occupies to mean “holds”. It would then be “with nothing on” = O at the top then “holds employer up” = SSOBSIEPUCCO, less “pies” = SSOBUCCO.
    31 – kam/cam is a Shakespearean word meaning awry or “out of joint”, obsolete hence “formerly” – “out of joint” also being Shakespearean of course.

    This was an unusually hard Plain Azed, I thought.

  8. Chris says:

    … and yet another: at 16, I think it should be RA (=50% of raga) reversed (i.e. “round”), with RAVI dividing it.

  9. Manu says:

    @Thomas99 :

    you’re right. My equation should have looked like this :

    O(nothing on) + [OCCU(holds) + BOSS(employer)]rev. = OSSO BUCCO (stew)

    Ouch! Maths on a Sunday morning make my head hurt :)

  10. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Azed for the crossword and ilancaron for the blog.

    10ac: This must be C[anine] in (RUIN ALL OU[t])*. “Awful” is the anagram lead and “involved” denotes the inclusion.

    11/16/17/31/34ac/3/13/15dn: I agree with the various comments above on these. (For 15dn I mean the consensus eventually reached @7,9).

  11. sidey says:

    Lots of trawling Chambers for this. None the worse for that though.

  12. ilancaron says:

    Agree with you Pelham wrt UNILOCULAR — got a bit lazy in my wordplay parsing.

  13. Pelham Barton says:

    Hi ilancaron

    34ac: The reference is to the phrase “whingeing pom” used by Australians to describe complaining English people.

  14. RCWhiting says:

    Thanks all
    I do enjoy the increasingly common compound anagrams; 29ac was especially good.

  15. AJK says:

    Drat! 18d wrong. I put BACK LOG, and couldnt work out why BACK equalled ‘mediocre’. HACK obviously correct.

  16. Thomas99 says:

    I had backlog for quite a while too. I’m sure it’s exactly what Azed wanted us to do!

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