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Beelzebub 1140

Posted by Jed on January 15th, 2012



A wonderful selection of previously unknown words amongst the answers



1 German certainly recalled China as source of purgative    JALAP   german yes JA + china PAL<

5 Mark in text: bar, beside turned-over edge    CROW bar after LIP<

10 Copper’s arrest featuring in example of composite old books    INCUNABULA  (CU NAB) in INULA

11 Opinion totally gutted house-husband   BETTY   BET + TotallY

12 In some places once acting’s a long time forgotten    ONST    ON ST{age}

15 A company invested in favourite historic naval gear   PEA COAT    (A CO) in PEAT  obsolete for favourite

16 Duck eggs? Call back chasing information regarding egg production   OOGENETIC   OO GEN (CITE)<

17 Excessive clothing? Paramour taking top off with relish   OVERDRESSING   {l}OVER DRESSING

20 Not know when to stop,say, treating patient with mucus   MISPUNCTUATE   (PATIENT MUCUS))*

23 Review one movement that’s in distress   CRITICISE   (I TIC) in CRISE

24 Rum store running short, reforming drinkers being round about   CACHACA rum   CACH{e} C in AA alcoholics anonymous

26 Leonardo’s last to sign print   OLEO   O LEO zodiac sign (this meaning not in Chambers)

27 Malaysian state has rejected admitting British Airways   SABAH   BA in HAS<

28 Make refined arrangement of ten elegies   GENTEELISE  (TEN ELEGIES)*

29 Stump? Stumped and confused?   STADDLE  ST cricket  ADDLE

30 Exercises – yes , exercising – will do for weight,as before   PEYSE  PE (YES)*


1 Taunt curtailed with success shown by canvas support   JIB BOOM nautical   JIB BOOM

2 Describing respiratory infections and/or vile spasms besetting one   ADENOVIRAL   (AND OR VILE A)* not in Chambers as adjective

3 Quantity of US beer, mostly low-alcohol   LITE   LITE{r}

4 A new cuckoo observed in European city   ANTWERP   A N TWERP

5 One with questions over money (bread)  PUMPERNICKEL   PUMPER NICKEL

6 Animated debate with client not readily observed   INDETECTABLE   (DEBATE CLIENT)*

7 Buddhist obscurity about one in non-priestly surroundings   LAMAISTIC   (A in MIST) in LAIC

8 Gangster writer not unknown to keep talking   RUN ON   american author damon RUN{y}ON

9 Hymn-writer is no longer accommodating teetotaller   WATTS   TT in WAS

13 Aren’t son and daughter involved in speeches for commemorations?   SAINT’S DAYS  (AINT S D) in SAYS

14 Indian university regarded as insensitive   INDURATED   IND  U  RATED

18 Enzyme certain to contain carbon and arsenic, variously   SUCRASE   (C and then AS) in SURE  sucrase = invertase

19 Rural American to get on well and happily? Not half   GEECHEE   GEE  CHEE{rily)

21 Shelters old cheat on board   SCOGS  COG in SS

22 Soprano and contralto elevated one from Macbeth?   SCENA  S C ANE<

25 The old man turned up to follow   OBEY  (YE BO)<

( )* = anagram    < = reverse    { } = omit


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