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Everyman nº3405

Posted by Stella on January 15th, 2012


A typical Sunday morning stroll. Thanks, Everyman.
With a wink to scchua, I include a photo of the car I learnt to drive in – or one like it – I wrote ours off three days after passing my test :)

1. Headgear provided by former airline – article that’s defaced (6,4)
PANAMA HATS PANAM, the former Pan American Airlines, + A +(t)HATS, “defaced” :)
6. Long account given by ambassador (4)
ACHE AC(count) + H(is) E(xcellency)
9. A warning for an amusing type (7)
CAUTION I’m not sure here. If it’s a double definition, I don’t understand the second one.
10. One with Ms West drinking drop of Guinness in picture (7)
IMAGINE I + GIN (“drop of Guinness”!?) in MAE

12. Artist and Mrs distributed useful book (8,6)
14. Henry and I send message from Canadian port (7)
15. Very difficult hill she negotiated (7)
16. A symphony, perhaps, from Mozart for me (3,4)
ART FORM Hidden in (Moz)ART FOR M(e)
19. Chief military commander gripping butt of ancient weapon (7)
SHOTGUN SHOGUN around the end (“butt”) of (ancien)T
21. Make a great effort to remember snack bar senior used (4,4,6)
23. Lake trip abroad taken by copper and guilty party (7)
CULPRIT L(ake) + *TRIP after CU,the chemical symbol for “copper”
24. I had contracted to enter competition – that’s clear (7)
25. Song about daughter becoming a woman (4)
LADY LAY = song, around D(aughter)
26. Criminal in Merseyside port, German pocketing grand (10)

1. Best option (4)
PICK Double definition
2. Gear position Renault altered (7)
NEUTRAL *RENAULT. I’m sure I’ve seen this before.
3. Something to eat for the bridesmaids (5,2,6)
MAIDS OF HONOUR Double definition


4. Rock guitarist casting spell across two US states (7)
HENDRIX HEX = “cast a spell”, round N(orth) D(akota) + R(hode) I(sland)
5. Great victory for former car manufacturer (7)
TRIUMPH Double definition

7. Church, one against providing wine (7)
CHIANTI CH(urch) + 1 + ANTI
8. All in Newgate, very thin guys (10)
EVERYTHING Well hidden in (Newgat)E VERY THIN G(uys)
11. Immense enjoyment in heat of Malawi resort close to Blantyre (1,5,2,1,4)
A WHALE OF A TIME *HEAT OF MALAWI, + the last letter (“close”) of Blantyr(E)
13. Showbiz chat I later reviewed (10)
THEATRICAL *CHAT I LATER. I’m not quite happy with “showbiz” as the definition here. As I understand it, it’s a noun, and the answer is an adjective.
17. Took on equipment heading for Dubai (7)
TACKLED TACKLE = “equipment”, + “heading for” (ie. ‘first letter of’) D(ubai)
18. Virtuoso from Rome sat awkwardly (7)
19. National field (7)
SUBJECT Double definition
20. Alcoholic drinks and English tonic (7)
22. Prison in northern part of Scottish city (4)
STIR STIR(ling) – “northern part of”, in a down clue.

6 Responses to “Everyman nº3405”

  1. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Many thanks, Stella.
    In 10ac ‘a drop of Guinness’ is just G, but because it is followed in the clue by IN, we’ll obtain: I (one) + {MAE (Ms West) around G (drop of Guinness) + IN}.
    BTW, Everyman is not always a ‘typical morning stroll’, but this one was – and a nice one, as ever.

  2. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks Stella.

    This was indeed an enjoyable and straightforward Everyman. I liked HENDRIX in particular.

    I think ‘showbiz’ works as an adjective: ‘The showbiz world is a fickle one.’

  3. Bamberger says:

    Funnily enough Hendrix cropped up in a Times crossword where the wordplay was HE (the man) + NIX (nothing) around DR (bones) which I reckon was really hard. The other part of the clue was “axeman” which apparently is another word for a guitarist.
    Here I had a going day where the anagrams were solved just like that-why is that some days you can’t get them?

  4. Miche says:

    Thanks, Stella.

    9a is indeed a double definition. A caution is – or was – a waggish fellow. In Mark Gatiss’s Doctor Who story The Idiot’s Lantern, set in the 1950s, a family is listening to a comedy programme on the wireless. Mum says: “He’s a caution, that one. He does make me laugh.”

  5. Stella Heath says:

    Thanks Sil for clearing up 10ac, which I wasn’t at all happy with, and to Miche for 9ac – a little bell was ringing in the far distance, but I’m glad for the confirmation :)

  6. hughr says:

    Thanks to all who post these blogs. It’s rare that I get all of the answers to a crossword, but I managed to with this one.

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