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Guardian Quiptic 635 Arachne

Posted by scchua on 16th January 2012


Thanks Arachne for an enjoyable crossword (by no means a walkover) with some clever surfaces.  For some reason, I got slowed down in the NE quarter, but the latter provided my favourite clues for today:  6D, 7D, 8D. 

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Independent 7879/Quixote

Posted by Pierre on 16th January 2012


People were saying on last Friday’s Indy blog that Phi’s crossword was a bit harder than usual, and that was my experience with this Monday Quixote – a few less common words and a couple of unusual devices.  All good though.  Since it’s intended as a puzzle for improving solvers, I’ve tried to give fullish explanations for those that need them.

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Guardian 25,533 / Rufus

Posted by Eileen on 16th January 2012


It’s Monday, it’s Rufus and so we know what to expect – what’s often called a gentle start to the week, with the usual quota of double and cryptic definitions and some smiles along the way. Thank you, Rufus.

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