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Finacial Times 13,904 by Styx

Posted by PeeDee on 18th January 2012


I really enjoyed this one, some of the clues were quite tricky so parse correctly.  I have not seen Styx before, so this was a bonus for me, I hope he becomes a regular feature in the Wednesday FT.  It was interesting to blog without the aid of Wikipedia today too.

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Guardian 25,535 / Enigmatist

Posted by Gaufrid on 18th January 2012


I’m a last minute stand-in for the scheduled blogger therefore this has been prepared in somewhat of a hurry so please excuse any errors.

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Independent 7881 by Dac

Posted by flashling on 18th January 2012


It’s a Dac, so it’s what you expect, just a fine puzzle as per usual.

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Sloggers and Betters Northern April 2011

Posted by tilsit on 18th January 2012


I am happy to organise a Northern gathering and would suggest Saturday 14th April. In an effort to boost my local economy, I am suggesting using the Bramsche Bar on Rochdale Road in Todmorden (there’s a nice Wetherspoons for early birds) and a meal at The Vedas, the Cotton Mill or the Thai Restaurant afterwards.

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Inquisitor 1211: Anticipation by Nutmeg

Posted by kenmac on 18th January 2012


We have to find two quotes (from the same source) around the perimeter and then, cryptically, three down clues will combine to deliver the first. The allusion has to be completed by filling the one blank cell. I searched and searched but couldn’t find a barred-off cell anywhere. :-( Every clue contains an extra word and the first letters of these spell out part of a third related quote. To help us complete the perimeter, Nutmeg has given us the phrase: MOTTO: I HIRE TEAHOUSE.

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