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Finacial Times 13,904 by Styx

Posted by PeeDee on January 18th, 2012


I really enjoyed this one, some of the clues were quite tricky so parse correctly.  I have not seen Styx before, so this was a bonus for me, I hope he becomes a regular feature in the Wednesday FT.  It was interesting to blog without the aid of Wikipedia today too.

CLUE OF THE DAY – my favourite clue was 2dn, clever &lit and well disguised construction.   Click one of the ‘vote’ links to vote for your clue of the day. See the results so far here.

Hold mouse over a clue number to read the clue.

1 CASTLES vote CAST (company) LiES (with I removed=diminished by one) – definition is ‘moves on board’, chess
5 WALLAHS vote WALL (partition) and AS containing (divided by) Hard – definition is ‘workers’
9 MERIT vote Men (leading letter of) and TIRE (flag) reversed (retrieved=brought back) – defionition is ‘good’
10 MISGUIDED vote MISs (young lady) and GUy (fellow) both nearly finished with DIED* (horribly=anagram)
11 IMAGINARY vote A GIN (spirit) inside I (one) MARY (biblical character)
12 DWELT vote Died with WELT (a bruise)
13 PLASTIC SURGEON vote LAST (finally) inside PICS (pictures) with URGE ON (provide encouragement)
18 INTERMEDIARIES vote TERMED (called) I (one) following IN (fashionable) then ARIES (house, of the zodiac) – definition is ‘agents’
20 ACORN vote A CORN (vegetable) – the fruit of the oak tree
22 MANHATTAN vote MAN (fellow) THAT* (mixed=anagram) AN – cocktail of whiskey, vermouth and Angostura bitters
24 TRIMESTER vote TRIM (balance) ESTER (organic compound) – a university term
25 TRADE vote conTRA DEal &lit
26 CREATES vote E (ecstasy) inside CRATES (shipping containers) – definition is ‘produces’
27 THRONGS vote R (sounds like “are”, outspoken) inside THONGS (flimsy beachware) – definition is lots of people. I was planning some extensive research of ‘thongs’ on Wikipedia to find some informative images for this topic, but Wilkipedia is offline today as a protest against this bill, so sadly I am unable to help.
1 COME IN vote ChOw (regualr servings of) and MEIN – definition ‘arrive’
2 STREAMLET vote A ML (1 ml, a small amount of something, water perhaps) in STREET (passage) – &lit – a streamlet is a small body of water that flows (in passage=passing by)
3 LATHI vote LATH (strip of wood) and I (1 Roman numeral) – a long heavy stick used as a weapon (Hindi)
4 SUMMARISE vote SUM (quantity of money) and IS inside (invested=put into) MARE (horse)
5 WISPY vote W (start of whiz) I SPY (…with my little eye) – definition is ‘fine’
6 LAUNDERER vote Left A UNDER (junior) ERr (mistake, with last letter deducted)
7 ADDLE vote pADDLEs (oars without the end leters)
8 SEDATING vote SEe (witness, shortly) and DATING (going out with)
14 STRINGENT vote STRING (cord) with NET* (anagram=twisted) – definition is ‘tight’
15 SPINNERET vote Page and INNER (hidden) in SET (routine, stage act) – source of spider’s web
16 EYESTRAIN vote YES (definitely) inside (admitted by) England (head of) and TRAIN (coach) – definition is viewer’s problem
17 GIGANTIC vote GIGi (musical performance) with ANTICs (fantastic acts) both ended early – definition is ‘huge’
19 ANGELS vote AN (one) GELS (begins to work with) – definition is ‘well-behaved children’
21 OPINE vote ONE containing (punched by) PI (irrational number, figure) – definition is ‘say’
22 MATHS vote MA (Master of Arts, academic) THiS (with I=one removed) – definition is ‘school subject’
23 ACTOR vote fACTORy (works) without the end letters (limitations)


5 Responses to “Finacial Times 13,904 by Styx”

  1. anax says:

    Just a note to say you can use Wikipedia if you want to. Just hit the Esc key as the page loads.

  2. PeeDee says:

    Thanks anax, though actually I’m glad I didn’t know that, it was more fun without Wikipedia.

    It made me realise how lazy I was getting writing the blog. I think I might make a rule that in future I will only use Wikipedia to check the blog after it is written rather than using it as an aid.

  3. mike04 says:

    Many thanks PeeDee.

    I’m very sorry to hear that your plans for today’s research on Wikipedia were scuppered.

    Styx made 4 appearances in the FT in 2011. All of them were good fun
    with plenty of excellent clues. W + I-spy really appealed to me today.

  4. mike04 says:

    NB Styx made (at least) 4 appearances last year.

  5. Ilippu says:

    Thanks PeeDee, thanks Styx. On 2 down, my take was street = passage, and
    a ml is a milli-litre, being a small amount, giving streamlet which is a small body of water.

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