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Independent 7881 by Dac

Posted by flashling on January 18th, 2012


It’s a Dac, so it’s what you expect, just a fine puzzle as per usual.

My learned colleagues have been under the impression that Dac appears every Wednesday, but actually he gets a week off for good behaviour once a month when Crosophile does locum duties. Anyway, on with the show, a couple of long anagrams in the middle downs that nicely fit the surface/answer I thought.


1 Disagreement E in [TEN ARMED GI’s]*
10 Heist HE + IS +T
11 Sailor-man [IS A NORMAL]*
12 Medical (Spotted) DIC(k) in MEAL
13 Athlete LET in A + THE
14 (Count) Basie Alternate letters in BeAtS tImE
16 Fieldfare A type of Thrush and CDD
18 Taoiseach TAOIS(m) + EACH. I always misspell this at first.
19 Steam Hidden in vigorouS TEAMwork
21 Created C + E in TRADE*
23 Amorist A + (0 + R) in MIST
25 Editorial TIDE rev + 1 in ORAL
26 Flame L in FAME
27 Deliberation Parisian playing a bit of double duty DE (of fr.) + LIBERATION
2 Iliad I(nd) + DAIL(y) rev
3 Attackers A(re) T(argeting) T(ourists) + ACKERS (money)
4 Risk life and limb [BIKER LADS IN FILM]*
5 Elizabeth Taylor [A BIT LAZY THE ROLE]*
6 Epoch H + COPE all rev.
7 Temperate TEMP + (b)ERATE(d)
8 The mob THEM + O + B
9 Annexe EX in ANNE
15 Shore bird R in SHOE + BIRD (prison sentence)
17 Discomfit M(ale) in DISCO + FIT
18 Ticker (s)TICKER
20 Mither M.I.T. + HER
22 Troll T(enor) + hom of ROLE
24 Idaho I(nternational) + D.A. + HO(use)


10 Responses to “Independent 7881 by Dac”

  1. Bertandjoyce says:

    An earlier start than usual and over and done with fairly quickly. You must have breathed a sigh of relief flashling after your recent blogs! Can’t believe we are the first ones to comment!
    The clues read well with a few new words thrown in for good measure. We had to complete it online which always seems to make reviewing more difficult.
    Thanks Dac and flashling.

  2. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Dac for an enjoyable puzzle and flashling for the blog.

    12ac: I read this as DIC[e] in MEAL, but DIC[k] is just as good.

    12ac/2dn/18ac: We have “briefly” three times to indicate removal of the last letter. Repeating this device is in itself not ideal, and I also wonder whether it is really appropriate for keeping five letters out of six, as in 18ac.

  3. sidey says:

    Bertandjoyce, see post 166 on the General Discussion page for a nicer way to do the Indy online.

    There’s never much to say about a Dac, they are just consistently good.

  4. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks flashling. Another lovely puzzle from Dac which went in steadily and enjoyably. Just got a bit stuck on AMORIST and the parsing of ATTACKERS (never heard of the ACKERS bit). Liked MITHER too – it’s a word I don’t think I’d heard till I came to Derbyshire, although I doubt it’s just from round here. I too was in the spotted dic[k] camp – possibly because the surface reading was about a meal.

  5. MikeC says:

    Thanks flashling and Dac. Good fun. Anyone able to explain 23a, AMORIST, a bit more? I put in the answer but couldn’t see what the definition was. Is it a kind of &lit, a play on Dac (reversed), or is the setter boasting/confessing . . . ?

  6. nmsindy says:

    MikeC, it’s mist = film o = love r = right. I think the ‘me’ is probably the AMORIST, rather than the setter… Tks, Dac and flashling.

  7. Bertandjoyce says:

    Thanks Sidey.
    We completed the puzle using.a crossword app on our ipad which restricts the software you can normally use when completing it on line. Give me a dead tree version anyday!

  8. flashling says:

    MikeC I’d put 23a as at least semi &lit as just someone who writes/appreciates stories about love.

    Re dick or dice I felt the food connotations led to spotted dick and the medical bit too (don’t really want to go there over dinner!)

  9. Bamberger says:

    Got the upper half out, less successful with the lower half.
    Missed the hidden word at 19a -my excuse that the print version with clues underneath is
    Energy essential to vigorous
    team work, whereas the paper version was “vigorous team” -obviously much much harder when on different lines!
    Thought a troll was a little malicious creature and hadn’t come across the singing.

  10. MikeC says:

    Thanks flashling and nmsindy, re 23a. I had the word play. What I’m getting from your postings is that “me” is someone who enjoys “a film about love” – which makes sense.

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