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Financial Times no.13,905 by ORENSE

Posted by Ringo on January 19th, 2012


Sorry I’m late – I had some work that steadfastly refused to do itself. A very nice little puzzle, this one, I thought; not too tough (thankfully) but full of wit and imagination. Thank-you, Orense.


1. BIGAMOUS  Big [great] + amours [love affairs] minus r(ight)

5. TRYING  Double definition

10. CUTIS  I [iodine] within cuts [lacerations]

11. HEAD START  Head’s [boss’s] + tart [bitter]

12. PREVAILED  P [piano, quiet] + rev [Reverend, man of the church] + ailed [suffered]

13. ICE UP  (Minc)e within I [one, single] cup [container]

14. SINEWS  I [one] + new [fresh] within SS [ship, i.e. ‘on board’]

15. DYNASTS  Anagram of stands by minus b(elief)

18. MIGRATE  MiG [Russian aircraft] + rate [cost]

20. AVOCET  AV [Authorised Version, i.e. Bible, i.e. books] + first letters of Only Cover Eagles Tracing

22. LEVEL  I think this is just a double definition – but am not sure how ‘about’ fits in (to ‘level with someone’ is to ‘come clean’ but not to ‘come clean about’)

24. UPHOLSTER  Up [leading] + holster [gun emplacement…]

25. CONDUCTOR  Double definition, using the electrical and orchestral senses of the word

26. TACKS  Sounds like tax [duty]

27. THEISM  I’s [one’s] within them  [those people]

28. IDLENESS  (H)i(s) + anagram of endless


1. BICEPS  Cryptic (but not very cryptic) definition

2. GUTTERING  G(ood) + utte(r) [complete] + ring [circle]

3. MASSAGE PARLOURS  Anagram of maple sugar soars

4. UPHOLDS  Hold [grip] within ups [increases]

6. RUSSIAN ROULETTE  Russian [such as Josef Stalin – though wasn’t Stalin a Georgian?] + let [permitted] within route [itinerary]

7. IMAGE  Mag [magazine, periodical] within i.e. [id est, that is]

8. GATEPOST  Double definition, alluding to the phrase ‘Just between you, me and the gatepost’

9. CANDID  Can [prison] + did [was enough, sufficed]

16. SPECTACLE  Hidden in inSPECT A CLEarly

17. IMPLICIT  I [one] + MP [Member of Parliament, person elected] + licit [legitimate]

19. EQUITY  Quit [stop] within e(mergenc)y; Equity is the British actors’ union

20. ADHERED  Here [present] within anagram of dad

21. GRASPS  R [right] within gasps [pants]

23. VENUE  Avenue [approach] minus A

2 Responses to “Financial Times no.13,905 by ORENSE”

  1. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Orense for a pleasant crossword and Ringo for the blog.

    22ac: Given that the answer is a palindrome, you could justify “about” as a reversal indicator. I very much doubt that Orense meant it that way, but it would be a beautifully subtle touch if he did.

  2. MikeC says:

    Thanks Ringo and Orense. I agree with everything you’ve said, though I parsed 20a as AV and OT, containing c(over) e(agles). Your version makes much better sense!

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