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Enigmatic Variations No. 1,000: Dollars Also by Rustic

Posted by mc_rapper67 on January 21st, 2012


In a blaze of publicity, celebration, and razz-a-ma-tazz, the likes of which have not been seen since the Y2K celebrations of 1999/2000, the EV series has reached its own millennial milestone…congratulations to all the setters and editors involved along the way, and thanks for all the enjoyment/frustration/challenges you have given us. I’ve been doing EVs for about 10 years now – with maybe three or four of those ‘distinctive Telegraph fountain pens’ to show for it – but I’m sure there will be some of you out there who can claim to have been in from the start…?

On to this week’s puzzle…the preamble tells us that the wordplay in ALL clues leads to something shorter than the entry length indicated, so derived answers have to be ‘augmented’ by other letters, including ‘a lot of DOLLARS ALSO’, to fill their allotted space.

I have to admit that I had been apprehensive at the thought of getting the thousandth puzzle – ever since that online-only Xmas special (no. 100,003) interrupted the blogging rota and shifted me from every fourth odd-numbered one. Was it going to be a stinker of a quotation, and/or hidden words, or maybe an unnumbered ‘jigsaw’-type affair? However, apart from the fact that I still haven’t completely fathomed the significance of ‘DOLLARS ALSO’, I found this a fairly gentle solve, once I had spotted a couple of the augmentations.

The first few Across clues didn’t jump out at me, so I tried a couple of the Downs, and immediately got ANA plus E for 2D, but expected it to be AGNAME (additional title). Then spotted that 11A was likely to be an anagram of ANT, but it needs to be a four-letter insect – maybe GNAT? So the extra letters seemed to include G and M…both of which can be indications of 1,000…which made sense, given the number of the puzzle. G can be ‘grand’, as in £1,000, or $1,000 also?

I carried on in this vein – with K making an appearance as well…and, as far as I can tell, that was it – unless I am missing something completely obvious – and if I am, I’m sure you will let me know! I couldn’t see any pattern in the positioning of the Ks, Gs and Ms, or any obvious hidden words in diagonals etc.



Although it was it was (for me, at least, in clue-solving terms) at the easier end of the EV spectrum – ‘only’ 12×12 and, with all those removed letters, less to work on with the clueing – I’m not complaining: it was an enjoyable puzzle, thank-you Rustic – and an appropriate theme for the occasion.

I did have an issue with the parsing of 16A, where the subsidiary indication seems to be an anagram of LOONIE, but the answer needs an extra N that I couldn’t justify. And 35A didn’t have an indication of  grid length – (6) – so maybe a couple of the lesser-spotted EV gremlins popping up to join in the celebrations…?


Clue No Derived Answer Entry Clue (definition in bold) /
1A AIED MAIMED First class pressman is crippled (6) /
AI (A1, first class) + ED (editor, press-man)
5A ARIN ARKING What Noah was doing as rain pelted? (6) /
anag (i.e. pelted) of RAIN
9A REARS REARMS Provides more weapons from back square (5) /
REAR (back) + S (square)
11A NAT GNAT Insect ant chewed (4) /
anag (i.e. chewed) of ANT
13A ARIAN MARIAN Girl said to be Indogermanic (6) /
homophone (i.e. said) of ARYAN (Indo-Germanic)
14A ABADO GAMBADO A poor piece of orange leather (7) /
A + BAD (poor) + O (first letter of Orange)
15A DERI DERIG Ride off to remove equipment (5) /
anag (i.e. off) of RIDE
16A INLENOO INGLENOOK Loonie shivering in alcove (9) /
anag (i.e. shivering) of LOONIE – extra N missing, maybe contraction of IN?
18A REBUE REBUKE Check bushels stored in Mac’s yard (6) /
REE (Scottish for enclosure, or yard) around BU (bushels)
24A ALISA ALISMA A girl’s water plant (6) /
A + LISA (girl)
27A ERONOIC ERGONOMIC Concerning a scientific study of iron cast in Ecuador (9) /
EC (Ecuador) around RONOI (anag – i.e. cast – of O (of) + IRON
29A DIEO DIEGO Maradona’s to take great risks with ball (5) /
DIE (dice, gamble, take risks) + O (ball)
30A HANIES HANKIES Chinaman that is needing seven Scots napkins (7) /
HAN (Chinaman) + IE (that is) + S (seven)
31A INTIA INTIMA Innermost parts in island turned over (6) /
IN + TIA (ait, or island, turned over)
32A AE GAME Contest one in Perth (4) /
AE (one, Scottish)
33A ALEA AGLEAM Shining on a pasture (6) /
A + LEA (pasture, meadow)
34A EYNES KEYNES Economist with aged eyes starting to squint (6) /
EYNE (archaic for eyes) + S (first of Squint)
35A EONIS EONISM Unnatural one is cross dressing (6) /
anag (i.e. unnatural) of ONE IS
Clue No Derived Answer Entry Clue (definition in bold) /
1D UER MUGGER You reported engineer’s rearing crocodile (6) /
U (homophone of ‘you’) + ER (RE, or Royal Engineer, rearing)
2D ANAE AGNAME Additional title found in literary anecdotes – English (6) /
ANA (literary anecdotes) + E (English)
3D  ET MET Came into contact with alien (3) /
ET (Extra Terrestrial, alien)
4D  DREDER DREDGER Specialist vessel painted redder (7) /
anag (i.e. painted) of REDDER
5D  AO AMMO One round bullet (4) /
A (one) + O (round)
6D  ARENA KARENA Girl’s sphere of action (6) /
ARENA (sphere of action)
7D  NAIOS NGAIOS Trees one planted in temple … (6) /
NAOS (temple) around I (one)
8D  INO GINGKO holy Japanese one in circle (6) /
IN + O (circle) (one referring to ‘tree’ from previous clue)
9D  RAS RAMS Artist’s sheep (4) /
RA (Royal Academician, or artist) + S (pluralised)
10D  IRONS GIRONS Presses lines on the escutcheon (6) /
IRONS (presses)
12D NANIN NANKIN Grandmother in buff coloured trousers (6) /
NAN (grandmother) + IN
17D EALIN EALING Fish reported in part of London (6) /
EAL (homophone of EEL, fish) + IN
19D BEETS BEGETS Produces vegetables (6) /
BEETS (vegetables)
20D TAABLE TAMABLE Board contains one capable of being subdued (7) /
TABLE (board) containing A (one)
21D EDIC MEDICK Short order for clover (6) /
EDIC = EDICT, or order, cut short
22D CRINE CRINGE Scots shrink and cower in fear (6) /
CRINE (Scots for shrink, or shrivel)
23D LOION LOGION Saying “Diver seen round island” (6) /
LOON (diving bird) around I (island)
25D NEES MNEMES Capacities for retaining personal experiences perceived in retrospect (6) /
NEES = SEEN (perceived) backwards, or in retrospect
26D ANSEL ANSELM Archbishop of Canterbury leans drunkenly (6) /
anag (i.e. drunkenly) of LEANS
28D SIA SIAM Country one in South America (4) /
SA (South America) around I (one)
30D HAS HAGS Keeps witches (4) /
HAS (keeps)
32D AN GAN One begun early (3) /
AN (one)

4 Responses to “Enigmatic Variations No. 1,000: Dollars Also by Rustic”

  1. Dave Hennings says:

    Thanks, mc … good blog. Re the Gs, Chambers gives under G: ‘grand (1000 dollars)’. As for 16ac, it looks like another EV gremlin, although, unlike most, I’ve no idea what it was intended to be! Without being too critical, I think a more challenging puzzle would have been appreciated for this milestone.

  2. Tony says:

    I hesitate to criticize but I was rather disappointed. I had expected something more special.

  3. mc_rapper67 says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Dave & Tony.

    Tony @ #2 – I assume you are talking about the puzzle itself, and not my blog (;+>), and also that by ‘special’ you mean something more ‘challenging’?

    As I said in the blog – I did think it was at the easier end of the spectrum, but that in itself is not a bad thing…pour encourager les autres, etc. As a non-setter myself, I don’t feel qualified to criticise, as I wouldn’t know where to start producing something like this.

  4. Tony says:

    Of course, mc! Sorry for any confusion – your blog was first rate, as usual. I must admit I couldn’t compile these puzzles either and there have been some weeks when I have wished it was a bit easier, so I should take the smooth with the rough.

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