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Guardian Prize Puzzle 25,532 by Brummie

Posted by PeeDee on January 21st, 2012


Thanks to Brummie for a pleasing weekend crossword, not too difficult.

The nine clues of a kind that lack definitions give dances, though in fact I can only find eight clues.  This is either my oversight or else the instruction should read nine grid entries lack definition.

Edit: the missing dance is my mistake: “excuse-me” at 20dn.  Thanks to various people for helping out.

Hold mouse over clue number to read a clue.

7 CONGRUOUS CON (prisoner) with (SO GURU)*
8 SNEAK SNAKE (to wind, verb) with letter E=enegry moving from the end to the middle
9 BAGUETTES AGUE (fever) Temperature inside BEST*
10 FLING Female LING (fish) – a dance
12 POODLE Died in POOLE (town on south coast of England)
13 THUGGISH HUG (to fit tightly) and Good inside THIS*
16 HOSIERY OSIER (willow) in HenlY (outside letters)
19 FLUENCY Force with UNCLE* (anagram=production) and VanYa (4th letter of 5)
22 PAGANINI GAP (space) reversed AN (one) IN and I (another one) – one who wrote a musical scores
25 MUCKER Double definition
27 LIMBO Breadth in (restricted by) LIMO (big car) – a dance
28 PRESS STUD Definition and cryptic definition
29 STOMP Million in POTS (lots of money) reversed – a dance
30 UNDERMINE Definition and cryptic definition
1 See 25
2 AGNUS DEI A (one) Good and UNDIES* – The Lamb of God
3 HUSTLE ST (street, way) Length in HUE (colour) – a dance
4 MUSETTE MUTE containing (boxing) SET (fix) – a dance
5 UNPLUG UN (international body) with PLUG (publicity)
6 CANNES New inside CANES (birches, corporal punishment) – resort venue of the famous film festival
11 CULL CUre-aLL with missing heart – definition is ‘select’
14 INN IN (popular) Northern
15 HEY tHEY (people mentioned earlier) with T=time missing – a weaving English country dance
16 HOP Winnie the PoOH reversed, missing O=love (zero tennis score) – a dance
17 SAG GAS (talk) reversed
18 REIN pRE-INdustrial (housing=contains) – definition is ‘check’
20 EXCUSE-ME EX (former) CUES (sounds like queues=lines) and ‘EM (those people, casually) reversed (rising) – the clue is almost &lit. I don’t think ‘former’ really fits here, spoils the otherwise clever &lit for me.  Could this be not an &lit but the missing dance?  It sounds like it could be, but I can’t find any real supporting evidence, apart from some dubious line dancing on YouTube to a song named Excuse Me Miss.  A dance where the dancers change partners.
21 VIBRANT BRA (underwear) inside (TV IN)* for repair=anagram – definition is ‘pulsating’
23 ARISTO STAIR* (anagram=winding) O (ring) – definition is ‘noble, short’
24 ALBUMS AL Jolson with BUMS
25,1 MASHED POTATO “TOO PAT” mashed = POTATO so the solution could be cryptic clue – a dance popular in the early 1960s
26 EQUINE sEQUINEd (unhemmed=without edges) – an Arab is a breed of horse


12 Responses to “Guardian Prize Puzzle 25,532 by Brummie”

  1. g larsen says:

    Thanks PeeDee.

    The missing dance is the Excuse-Me (with a hyphen) which appears in Chambers as a dance during which one may change partners.

    And that common Scottish misprint Angus Dei makes an appearance in 2dn: should of course be Agnus Dei – A G UNDIES*

  2. sidey says:

    Um, you’ve got nine in there by my count PeeDee, 10, 27, 29a and 3, 4, 15, 16, 20, 25-1d.

  3. Mick@PalmersGreen says:

    Thanks for the extremely prompt blog,’PeeDee. I’ve been wondering about some of these all week (did get the theme, tho’).

  4. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Indeed, PeeDee, not too difficult, but even so very enjoyable.
    The dance that’s missing is (as you already thought) EXCUSE-ME.
    The ODE gives us: “a social dance in which participants may interrupt other pairs in order to change partners”.

  5. PeeDee says:

    Thanks to g larsen for spotting my blunder at 2dn! I solved this last weekend intending to blog it later at leisure then forgot about it, only realising a couple of hours ago, so all done in a bit of a panic.

    I looked in Chambers for excuse-me but failed to spot any refernce to a dance. I’ll try looking it up again tomorrow, more carefully this time. Got to go to sleep now though…

  6. chas says:

    Thanks to PeeDee for the blog. You explained 11d which I failed to get. Now that I look again it seems quite obvious.

    I also failed to recognise 20d as a dance even though I did know the concept :(

  7. Davy says:

    Thanks PeeDee,

    I found this a lot of fun and while I did know EXCUSE-ME, I hadn’t heard of HEY as a dance but assumed it to be one of the nine clues. The last one in was SNEAK which took me a while to get due to a wrong answer for CANNES.
    I put in TRENES which fitted the clue perfectly but made 8a unsolvable. If you enter ‘trenes fest’ into Google, there are four references to festival but unfortunately it’s the wrong answer.

    I particularly liked PRESS STUD, MUSETTE, REIN, VIBRANT and MASHED POTATO. Thanks Brummie.

  8. r_c_a_d says:

    Thanks for the blog. I enjoyed this. Made harder by putting in HURDLE as the first undefined and then HOP and FLING had me fixated on jumping … not so far off as it happens :)

  9. tupu says:

    Thanks Peedee and Brummie

    An enjoyable puzzle with not too many problems. Musette held me up a bit as somehow of a different genre but was clear enough.

  10. Robi says:

    Thanks Brummie and PeeDee.

    Once I got HOP, I thought of plants or jumps and didn’t get the dance theme until later.

    An enjoyable puzzle.

  11. rrc says:

    this was a cracking puzzle to do . I really enjoyed it Thank you

  12. Gervase says:

    Thanks, PeeDee.

    Very entertaining puzzle which didn’t hold any terrors.

    I was similarly short of dances, until I spotted that 25,1 was not only a comestible (I had solved it before getting the theme).

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