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Guardian Quiptic 636/Pan

Posted by Pierre on January 23rd, 2012


A lovely Quiptic from Pan, I thought.  Plenty of charades, anagrams and insertions, but all clearly signposted and just right for the improving solver.




dd  double definition
cd  cryptic definition
(xxxx)*  anagram
anagrind = anagram indicator
[x]  letter(s) removed


4 It’s used to steer royal to source of milk
A charade of R and UDDER gives you your steering device.

6 Little sister pinching ostentatious jewellery for her brothers?
Simple, but good: an insertion of BLING in SIS.

9 Vegetable in casserole served with a hollowed out tomato
A charade of POT, A and TO.  If you ‘hollow out’ ‘tomato’, you’re left with the outermost letters.

10 Having sufficient means to entertain girl that’s beautiful
An insertion (‘to entertain’) of DORA in ABLE.

11 Wiggling groin tickles fools
I liked this one.  It’s (GROIN)* plus AMUSES.  ‘Wiggling’ is the anagrind.

15 Setter hidden in two containers goes to pope’s palace
The setter (I) is sandwiched between VAT and CAN.

17 Here’s to a nice exotic plant!
(TO A NICE)*  ‘Exotic’ is the anagrind.

18 Anticipate capturing American guys in difficult situation
An insertion (‘capturing’) of A MEN in PREDICT.

22 With neck injury, bathe, nursing joint beginning to loosen
Another insertion (‘nursing’) of HIP and L for the first letter of ‘loosen’ in WASH.

23 Trap laid for criminal catching king with length of cord
And another: of R for ‘king’ in STING.

24 US health insurance for Ed during destruction of Crimea
And another: of ED in (CRIMEA)*  ‘Destruction of’ is the anagrind.

25 Plonker wearing sleeveless jacket
A charade of JERK and IN for a fairly loose definition of ‘wearing’. ‘She was in red/wearing red for the wedding.’  Unless someone else has a better idea.


1 Bully’s chore could be to capture Troy, initially
A synonym of ‘bully’ as a verb is formed by putting T for the first letter of ‘Troy’ in (CHORE)*  ‘Could be’ is the anagrind.

2 Language of marauding Danish unit
Another simple but good clue from Pan.  It’s (DANISH UNIT)* and ‘marauding’ is the anagrind.

3 Man taking most of leftovers to company outside
The Italian word for ‘outside’ is a charade of ALF, RES[T] and CO.

4 Republican with spiritual lesson for first lady getting stay of execution
A further charade of REP, RI for Religious Instruction and EVE, Adam’s mate.

5 Blow up school during night out?
An insertion of ETON in DATE.  If Eton received a pound every time it appeared in a crossword, it could offer shedloads of free education to less well-off children.

7 No empty banks for people of social distinction
A charade of NO and B[ank]S.

8 Sick son given place to sit in church
A word for ‘sick’ is a charade of S and PEW.

12 Trained most senior educationalist
(MOST SENIOR)*  ‘Trained’ is the anagrind.  Referring to Maria Montessori, the Italian physician and educator.

13 Comic verse that rhymes “fruit” with “haystack”!
My favourite today: again, simple but clever.  A charade of LIME and RICK.

14 Write label attached to shape
A charade of PEN, TAG and ON for ‘attached to’.

16 Get key for worried pals trapped in stick up
The key on your keyboard is an insertion of (PALS)* in COCK, in its sense of ‘cock the pin of a firearm’.

19 Song of creature on bottom of trouser leg?
A charade of ANT and HEM.

20 Took a dip with chap keeping wicket
An insertion of W for ‘wicket’ in SAM.

21 Relating to rear part of deer
A dd to finish off.

Many thanks to Pan.  Funny grid though, wasn’t it?

2 Responses to “Guardian Quiptic 636/Pan”

  1. Eileen says:

    Thanks for the blog, Pierre, and Pan for – agreed – a lovely Quiptic, with some great surfaces

    I had ticks against 6 [a nice new idea for ETON!] and 11ac and 7, 13 and 16dn.

    I liked the reference to Troy in the HECTOR clue.

    No problem at all re IN = wearing [eg ‘Does my bum look big in this?’]

    [Yes, it was a funny grid,]

  2. Derek Lazenby says:

    Of course, us ignorant wotsits struggled with 12.

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