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Financial Times 13909 Dante

Posted by scchua on 24th January 2012


I said in yesterday’s blog that I was going to have the same again today.  How true!  Visiting family and friends, a blog, and then – a crossword in the same style by the same setter, and to top it, a clue verbatim from yesterday and a definition used twice, as happened yesterday.  (As close as I can get to reliving yesterday?)  Anyway, thanks Dante-Rufus for the usual double and cryptic definitions, anagrams, nice surfaces and nautical references.  Definitions are underlined in the clues.  The two sets of pictures at the bottom each has an unidentified link to the blog/crossword.

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Guardian 25,540 – Pasquale

Posted by Uncle Yap on 24th January 2012

Uncle Yap.

Enter The Dragon. To those who are not aware, yesterday marked the first day of the Lunar New Year and ushered in the year of the dragon.

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Independent 7886 by Eimi

Posted by flashling on 24th January 2012


Gah I hate insomnia but it means an early post. Slight surprise to see the editor again, but very welcome nonetheless. On seeing Eimi I was a little self duped into thinking this would be a stroll in the park as I sometimes do, but I certainly didn’t find it so this time, I have some minor niggles in my head still and comments suggestions welcome.

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