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The Magpie

Posted by Admin on 28th January 2012


The Magpie is a subscription-only crossword magazine that publishes thematic cryptics of the sort found in the Enigmatic Variations, Inquisitor and Listener series. The difficulty level varies from a little above that of a daily cryptic through to the more extreme end of The Listener spectrum. Each month there are five crosswords spanning this range and one numerical puzzle. The Magpie is delivered as a PDF though there is an option for a posted paper copy.

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Independent 7,884 by Radian (Saturday Prize Puzzle, 21/01/12)

Posted by Simon Harris on 28th January 2012

Simon Harris.

No complaints from me about drawing another Radian puzzle to blog. This was a good one, though I seemed to race through many of the clues before becoming completely stumped on the last few, including the unfamiliar words at 4dn and 18dn.

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Enigmatic Variations 1001: Croquet by Salamanca

Posted by Dave Hennings on 28th January 2012

Dave Hennings.

I did a blog for a Salamanca puzzle at Listen With Others back in January 2010. However, this is my first for one of his EVs, which is surprising since he’s had ten or so since we started blogging them here.

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Guardian Prize No 25,538 by Araucaria

Posted by bridgesong on 28th January 2012


An easier than usual prize puzzle this week,  I thought, although it features some quite outrageous (but typical) liberties so far as the clueing is concerned.  Once I had cracked the theme, which didn’t take long, it was easy to work out all the references to 8 down.

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