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The Magpie

Posted by Admin on January 28th, 2012


The Magpie is a subscription-only crossword magazine that publishes thematic cryptics of the sort found in the Enigmatic Variations, Inquisitor and Listener series. The difficulty level varies from a little above that of a daily cryptic through to the more extreme end of The Listener spectrum. Each month there are five crosswords spanning this range and one numerical puzzle. The Magpie is delivered as a PDF though there is an option for a posted paper copy.

There is, however, a problem. Due to a drop in subscriptions the magazine is now on the edge of viability. You can read about Listen With Others’ take on this here. If you enjoy the challenge of thematic cryptics then why not give The Magpie a try? There are some free sample puzzles available from the Magpie website. If you enjoy those then please do think about subscribing.

Colin Blackurn

So far as I am aware, the Magpie is a not-for-profit enterprise.



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