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Financial Times no.13,917 by ALBERICH

Posted by Ringo on February 2nd, 2012


A very enjoyable puzzle, this one, I thought. Plenty of variation, one or two devilish (possibly too devilish) devices, and I even learnt a new word. Thank-you, Alberich.


1. TEMPLE  MP [Member of Parliament, politician] + l [left] within tee [support (for a golf ball)] to give the wartime Archbishop of Canterbury

4. ISOBATHS  Anagram of O [ring] hit bass

9. ADROIT  A Droite [French for ‘on the right’, which is, of course, where the French drive] ‘de-tailed’

10. UNEDITED  Anagram of I tend within U [university] ed [education]

12. PROP  Pro [prostitute, hooker] + p(rovoke) to give a prop forward, a player who in rugby union plays alongside the hooker in the scrum

13. VOLLEYBALL  Anagram of lovely (‘pie’ as an anagram indicator is new to me – as in ‘pie-eyed’?) + B [British] + all [everyone]

15. STATUS SYMBOL  Anagram of a L(o)tus my boss t(ime)

18. LEADING LIGHT  Headingley [Leeds sports stadium] minus hey within light [easy]

21. OBITUARIES  Cryptic definition, alluding to the phrase ‘the quick and the dead

22. MARC  Reversal of cram [stuff] to give the refuse left after grapes have been crushed

24. DIATRIBE  Reversal of aid [help] + tribe [family]

25. LA-DI-DA  DI [Detective Inspector, policeman] within Lada [widely-derided Soviet-era car]

26. EPISTLES  (Adovat)e + st [stones, weight] within piles [haemorrhoids, medical complaint]

27. SHINTO  Sh [(keep) mum] + into [enthusiastic about] to give the Japanese belief system


1. TRAPPIST  P [piano, quiet] within trap [mouth] + is + (shu)t; Trappist monks are associated with silence

2. MARJORAM  Mar [spoil] + or [gold, yellow] within jam [preserve]

3. LAIC  Hidden in reversal of soCIALism

5. SINGLE-MINDED  Double definition, with ‘union’ referring to marriage

6. BUDDY HOLLY  Cryptic definition of the rock-and-roll pioneer Charles Hardin Holley

7. TITIAN  (En)ti(re) (na)ti(on) + a + n [new] to give the Venetian painter 

8. SADDLE  S(traight) + addle [confused – as in ‘addle-headed’]

11. CONSIDERABLE  Con side [i.e. a team of cons – convicts – who might represent the notorious Dartmoor prison] + rab(b)le

14. BUREAUCRAT  Reversal of rub + anagram of a curate

16. AGRARIAN  Reversal of air [appearance] within a gran [an old lady]

17. STACCATO  Reversal of Cats [musical] + Cato [Roman censor]

19. FONDLE  Fond [affectionate] + l(ov)e

20. DIWALI I [one] + W [Welsh] within Dali [artist] to give the Hindu festival of lights

23. HASH  Has [takes] + h [hard]


6 Responses to “Financial Times no.13,917 by ALBERICH”

  1. Rishi says:

    Re the AInd in 13a.

    ‘Pie’ is ‘type confusedly mixed’. And by extension it means ‘a mixed state’ or ‘confusion’.

    Of course, we may not see much of it nowadays. But in the era of linotype setting, I have seen ‘pie’ in the galley occasionally.

  2. mike04 says:

    Thanks for the blog, Ringo.

    I always enjoy Alberich’s crosswords. Today’s was easier than usual I thought.
    I’m no French expert but I think in 9ac ‘a droite’ is “detailed” to give ADROIT.

  3. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Alberich for an enjoyable crossword – although I am not a fan of grids with isolated corner sections – and Ringo for the blog.

    9ac: I had this the same as mike @2.

    21ac: I think this should say “shouldn’t include you” rather than “won’t include you”. The cricket commentator Rex Alston’s obituary appeared in the Times while he was still alive. Apparently, when he rang the paper up to complain, he was asked “Where are you ringing from?”

    16dn: This is Air reversed within [keeps up] a gran.

    20dn: Note the way that Alberich has clued this to force the spelling DIWALI rather than DIVALI. This would matter less if the answer had been checked as D-W-L-.

  4. Ringo says:

    Thanks, all, for the corrections and clarifications.

    Pelham: I’ve amended that oversight in 16dn. – thank-you.

    Mike: again, thank-you – I studied Spanish, rather than French, at school, so I often find myself somewhat at sea whenever ‘in Paris’-type clues appear…

  5. clueless says:

    What the hell is Isobaths

  6. Gaufrid says:

    Hi clueless
    Isobath – “A contour line connecting points of equal underwater depth” (Chambers).

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