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Cyclops 461

Posted by jetdoc on February 5th, 2012


Oops, I hit ‘Publish’ before rescheduling this for midnight! I hope no one is discombobulated by the earliness.

Sorry about the lack of a witty title, but I just can’t think of anything.

A pretty quick solve for me, this week. 3d held me up for the longest, because of course I was reading more into it than is actually there. Several other clues (e.g. 19d, 21d) sound a lot ruder than they really are.

Clue of the week has to be 14d, for the apt anagram.

9 INCUMBENT Trendy copper (male), crooked current holder of office
IN = Trendy; CU = copper; M = male; BENT = crooked
10 HIPPO Hello! gets pop makeover for big-gobbed, bulky thing
HI = Hello; *(pop)
11 SOMALIA From where pirates sail off with Obama (airline dismissed)
*(sail Oma) — BA (British Airways) is removed from ‘Obama’ before anagramming
Piracy in Somalia
12 AFFRONT Indignity of a large cup size bust?
An F cup, in a bra, is a large one, so a large cup size bust could be ‘a F front’
13/8 POTTY-MOUTHED Talking dirty: “nuts articulated soundlessly”
POTTY = nuts; MOUTHED = articulated soundlessly
15 DIGESTIVE Sweet thing ecstasy-taking gits forced to enter sleazy club
IGST = *(gits), or ‘gits forced; E = ecstasy; in DIVE = sleazy club
Digestive biscuits
16 RECESS The rest of MPs’ nooky place
Double definition: Parliamentary recess; a nook
18 TORRID Fiery politician gets end away — free!
TOR[y] = politician without end; RID = free
22 SCEPTICAL Dubious Cher oddly involved in plastic surgery
CE = odd letters of ‘Cher’; *(plastic)
26 REACTOR On the subject of luvvie: needs to be kept stable
Actors are luvvies in Eye-speak; reactors need to be kept stable
27 QUARTER Couple of pints gets Brenda cut up
QUART = 2 pints; ER = Brenda (the Queen)
29 BRASH Tacky underwear’s hot
BRAS = underwear; H = hot
30 CHISELLER Church is onto “gravitation-shedding” Uri’s cheat
CH = Church; IS; [g]ELLER (losing G for ‘gravitation’). Definition: cheat
Uri Geller
1 PISS-UPS But they’re usually much more than a wee imbibing of drink
Play on the word ‘wee’ = PISS
2 SCUM “Filthy peasants” in Ceausescu mansion
Hidden in ‘Ceausescu mansion’
3 EMPLOYEE In former times a hand job performer
Double definition: ‘hand’ is an old word for ‘worker’; job performer
4 SEX AID It helps some people come out with ideas about Times
*(ideas), with ‘out’ as the anagram indicator (I’m not sure how the ‘with’ fits, except to improve the surface reading); X = times. Definition: ‘It helps some people come’
5/28 STRAIGHT TALK Doubly unlikely from a prevaricating, openly gay politician?
A prevaricating politician is unlikely to talk straight (directly); an openly gay one is unlikely to talk straight (heterosexually)
6 SHAFTS Shags keep quiet behind ship’s prow
SH = keep quiet; AFT = behind; S = ship’s prow
7 OPPOSITION Work situation required for Miliband’s lot
OP = Work; POSITION = situation. I wish Miliband’s lot would do a bit of effective opposing.
14 THERESA MAY “Heat, my arse!” snapped the politician who was disadvantaged by borderline ignorance?
Excellent to know that Theresa May is an anagram of ‘Heat my arse’!
The clue refers to this story
17 SACK RACE Booze nation’s sports event just for a laugh
SACK = booze (the old name of various dry white wines from Spain and the Canaries); RACE = nation
19 RELEASED Balls, after energy-packed laser treatment, hanging free?
*(e laser); ED [Balls]
20 ASCRIBE Put blame on “alcoholic leader”: hack
A = alcoholic leader”; SCRIBE = hack (journalist)
21 SHARERS They’re not selfish, people who ’do’ sheep, possibly dropping ecstasy
SH[e]ARERS, shearers being people who ’do’ sheep, E being ecstasy
23 TETCHY Stroppy City pissed with the Independent withdrawing
*(Cty the), with I (independent) removed before anagramming
24/25 LIQUID LUNCH £51 meal: the boozy hack’s daily indulgence?
LI = 51; QUID = £; LUNCH = meal. The liquid lunch is rather less acceptable these days.


Faute de mieux, here’s a Tommy Cooper joke, relayed to me by my spouse this very morning: I arrived home to find my wife (OK ‘the missus’) in tears. I said: “Whatever’s the matter?”. She replied: ‘I made you a steak and kidney pie, but the dog’s eaten it.” I said: “Don’t worry — I’ll get you another dog.”

3 Responses to “Cyclops 461”

  1. sidey says:

    Thanks jetdoc. Lovely surfaces from Cyclops as usual.

    The Eye seems to have gained or lost a week. Or has my calendar gone wrong?

  2. jetdoc says:

    I do hope I have got the schedule right, Sidey! The Christmas special slightly shifted the two-week intervals, I think. The submission date for this one was Friday 3 Feb.

  3. rrc says:

    uris cheat is an anagram of eucharist which I had originally only to remove when liquid lunch went in. great crossword and fun to do. There are really too many good clues to single any out.

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