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Financial Times 13,922 by Gozo

Posted by PeeDee on February 8th, 2012


I always enjoy getting a Gozo crossword to blog, and this week was no exception.

Gozo grids are always themed – this time all the definitions are geographical locations.  I think this is the third geography themed grid from Gozo that I have blogged.  There is a good mix of familiar and lesser know places, though none so obscure that  they could not be guessed at.  Thank you Gozo.

1 MAPUTO MAP (chart) and OUT*
4 SCHWERIN WInCHEStER* with NT (note) removed – capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
10 CASTILE I (island) in CASTLE (fortress)
11 SANDOWN AND (joiner) in SOWN (scattered)
12 IVER rIVER (something with banks) missing the first letter (tip)
16 ARAGON A RAG (Joplin composition) ON (playing)
17 MESSINA MESS (forces canteen) IN (at) A – offhand I can’t think of an example usage where in=at, but this is given in Chambers, so must be right
20 FAREHAM FARE (food for the table) HAM (cooked meat)
21 GENEVA A (amateur) VEN (venerable, title for clergyman) EG (say) reversed
24 HISPANIOLA (OAPS IN HAIL)* anagram=storm – island forming Dominican Republic and Haiti
25 OMSK SMOKe* with E=east missing, anagram=billowing
27 ROSSETT Dante Gabriel ROSSETTi (Pre-Raphaelite) short=not finished
29 IWO JIMA Japanese Institute inside I (1 Roman numeral) WOMAn (female) missing N=name
30 KILKENNY sounds like “kill Kenny” – a ‘Kilkenny cat’ is a tenacious fighter hosting the Cat Laughs comedy festival. I’m not sure why cats would fight here, as the Wikipedia entry for this festival stresses its non-competetive nature. Perhaps someone in the know can tell us more?
31 GREECE sounds like “Grease” – 1978 musical film
2 PAS-DE-CALAIS DECAL (sticker) and AI (A1=top, the best) inside PASS (to hand out)
3 TAIN TArpaulIN (empty=middle missing)
6 WINCHESTER make of rifle and a type of early computer disk
7 RIO tRaItOr (regularly=every other letter)
8 NANTES ANTE (stake) in N and S (bridge partners)
9 DEVON DE (from, French) and VON (from, German)
14 DUNFERMLINE DUN (dusky) Fleck (first letter of) and Lecturer (abbrev) in ERMINE (white)
15 DODECANESE DO (make) CANES (slender rods) inside DEE (river)
18 HAMILTON HA (laugh) with MILTON (author), Lewis Hamilton (Formula One champion 2008) and town in Ontario
19 PARK LANE ARK (coffer) in PLANE (aircraft)
22 THIRSK R (abbreviation for recipe, ‘take’ in Latin) in THIS with hacK (final letter) – I am unconvinced that recipe=take in English, but the abbreviation is in the dictionary. I know this is a long established crossword tradition, but I would be interested to know of some examples of real-life uses of this abbreviation.
23 ELGIN NIGgLE (trivial criticism) missing G=German, reversed
26 SOAR SOLAR (of the sun) missing L=left – river in Leicestershire
28 See 5


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6 Responses to “Financial Times 13,922 by Gozo”

  1. Thomas99 says:

    Many thanks for the blog. Another fun mystery tour from crosswords greatest public transport fan.

    Re 30a – Wikipedia has a page on “Kilkenny cat” which explains things very well, but I got it from an old Pogues song “Wild Cats of Kilkenny”. I imagine the boy Kenny is the anorak-clad serial victim in South Park.

  2. PeeDee says:

    Thanks Thoma99, blog updated. I had not heard of a Kilkenny cat before and din’t know any Pogues songs either. I’m paying the price for not mis-spending my youth.

  3. Steve says:

    Thanks PeeDee – re 22d, one definition of recipe is for a medical prescription, however this is normally abbreviated as Rx, e.g. Rx aspirin 75mg.

  4. Brian H says:

    Thanks for the analysis – it was all straightforward and quickly solved.

    But you ask for example of “R” meaning “Recipe”. All doctor’s prescriptions begin with a flourished capital R (at least they always used to). It is an instruction (mediaeval dog-Latin) for “recipe” = “take” the stated amounts of drugs etc.

    I don’t often call at this site – more often on the guardian line under the name of “Dragoncel” – hope you’ll forgive my intrusion.

  5. PeeDee says:

    Thanks Brian and Steve. I will look next time I need a prescription. Prescriptions from our local surgery have been printed by computer for a long time now, so it will be interesting to see if the ‘R’ tradition is continued.

  6. crypticsue says:

    I am never sure about whether I am a fan of a crossword that is a geography lesson too which for me made it slightly more difficult than straightforward. Thanks to PeeDee and Gozo.

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