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Financial Times 13,924 by Bradman

Posted by Jed on 10th February 2012


An intelligent and varied offering from the Don. Struggled to find the cryptic nature of 16down unless it’s tongue-in-cheek?

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Guardian Cryptic N° 25,555, by Boatman

Posted by PeterO on 10th February 2012


I had considered indicating the definition part of each clue, but had not done so, because (a) I’m basically lazy, and (b) I detail the wordplay, and whatever is left over is generally the definition. If there is anything unusual about the definition, I will add a note to that effect (particularly for a Quiptic or Everyman, which are generally geared to the less experienced solver). However , the discussion of the last few days seems to indicate a desire for a more explicit indication, so I am happy to oblige:  definitions are underlined (which, as we shall see, is not always a trivial matter).
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Independent 7901/Radian

Posted by Bertandjoyce on 10th February 2012


A fairly tricky themed puzzle for our first weekday blog.

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