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Beelzebub 1144

Posted by Jed on 12th February 2012


Usual delightful variety to extend the vocabulary – 5d is one such. Once flew with 24a – there was a fly buzzing on the plane and we were served lukewarm, brown lemonade.

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Independent on Sunday 1146/Hypnos

Posted by Pierre on 12th February 2012


I blogged the Hypnos Sunday puzzle last month and enjoyed it, and I enjoyed this one too; but I found it just as tricky, especially the NE corner.  I need help with one, please.

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Everyman N° 3409 (5th February)

Posted by PeterO on 12th February 2012


A typical Everyman – nothing too elaborate, well-constructed and varied clues, with the odd bit of general knowledge thrown in, which should be gettable even if you are not the general who knows it.
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Azed 2070 – Jigsaw

Posted by Andrew on 12th February 2012


I was a little apprehensive when I saw that the blogging cycle had delivered me a jigsaw puzzle, because these tend to need a lot of “cold-solving” of clues before any progress can be made. Fortunately a combination of some gentle clueing and early success in fitting some answers into the grid meant that it turned out to be not much more difficult than an average non-special Azed, and probably easier than some.

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