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Beelzebub 1144

Posted by Jed on February 12th, 2012


Usual delightful variety to extend the vocabulary – 5d is one such. Once flew with 24a – there was a fly buzzing on the plane and we were served lukewarm, brown lemonade.




1 Muffle old phone I dropped   MOBLE   MOB[I]LE

5 Pointedly knowing about instrument   SHARPLY  HARP in SLY

10 Old rival, energy and stubbornness personified?  EMULE   E + MULE

11 Closing notes from Virginia covered by frenzied cry  EVOVAE  VA in EVOE expressing Bacchic frenzy – evovae is name for a Gregorian cadence

12 Class recalled about mistake linked to a type of earth   TERRA ROSSO (ERR A) in ASSORT<

14 Thrushes stand awkwardly, concealing twisted bone   ANTBIRDS RIB< in (STAND)*

16 Revolutionary artillery restricted by common cannon   RA< in COM

17 Passionate to probe deformed crania of ancient kings   CARLOVINGIAN  LOVING in (CRANIA)*  of dynasty of Frankish king Karl the Great or Charlemagne

19 Something like a tree well captured in Arab knowledge one overlooked  ARBORESCENCE  BORE in AR SC[I]ENCE

21 Scots porridge? Bishop felt nauseous   BROSE   B + ROSE

24 Heading for Omsk? For late flying – try us?   AEROFLOT  (O[msk] FOR LATE)* Russian airline – witty

25 Instrumental passages in score start to rankle in one not well recalled  RITORNELLI   RIT score  R[ankle] in ONE ILL<

26 Power in resistance running short? Such is destiny KARMIC  ARM in KIC[k]

27 Test on foetus in utero in May held back  AMNIO hidden clue reversed uter0 IN MAy

28 Isolates stores, moving second back  ENISLES  ENSILES  moving 1st S towards rear

29 Steal one lot of shipwrecked goods   LAGAN   LAG  AN


1 Life in school mostly picked up, involving 100 fish  MEDACCA  C 100 in ACADEM[E]<

2 Pure ______ , I fancy, found in a peritoneum  OMENTA  (PURE OMENTA I)* equals (A PERITONEUM)*  omenta is plural of omentum which is a fold of peritoneum – this clue is a compound anagram and &Lit

3 Serving dish the target with right man coming in to dine  BUTTERBOAT BUTT R BO man in EAT

4 Strange East European country cropping up  EERIE  E  EIRE<

5 Apology no longer in reserve, but laid out, encompassing Queen and Church  SIR-REVERENCE  R in (IN RESERVE)* CE  17th century apology when finding excrement or turd

6 Failing masters I shed?  HEADMISTRESS  (MASTERS I SHED)*  &Lit

7 Grub gets on fixed positions  ROOTAGES  ROOT AGES

8 Whip mostly very good rope   LASSO  LAS[H] SO very good

9 Roofing material giving you a lot of relief   YEALM   YE ALM[S]

13 Groom tucking into liquor a small amount  SPRINKLING  PRINK groom in SLING drink

15 Flourishes in prosperous times, losing nothing to deprivation  BLOSSOMS  LOSS deprivation for O nothing in BOOMS prosperous times

18 Particle as discovered by Rontgen in gas NEUTRON  UT as R rontgen unit in NEON gas

20 Membranes? Check one filling openings  CHORIA   CH check (chess) I one in ORA plural of OS a mouth or opening – choria plural of chorion embryo membrane

21 English King’s difficulty reversed with murder   BURKE  (E K RUB)<  Burke – Edinburgh Irishman (hanged 1829) who sold his victims’ bodies for dissection

22 Welsh girl hurried after receiving greeting   RHIAN   HI in RAN

23 Gangster’s associate grabs one regarding amount of substance   MOLAL   A in MOLL

( )* = anagram    [ ] = omitted    < = reversed


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