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Everyman N° 3409 (5th February)

Posted by PeterO on February 12th, 2012


A typical Everyman – nothing too elaborate, well-constructed and varied clues, with the odd bit of general knowledge thrown in, which should be gettable even if you are not the general who knows it.

1. Escape for holiday abroad (5,3)
BREAK OUT A charade of BREAK (‘holiday’) + OUT (‘abroad’).
5. Stretch of lake twists to the west (6)
SPRAWL A reversal (‘to the west’) of L (‘lake’) + WARPS (‘twists’).
9. Lottery could cause son to shed tears (5)
SWEEP A charade of S (‘son’) + WEEP (‘shed tears’).
10. Support worker accused (9)
DEFENDANT A charade of DEFEND (‘support’) + ANT (‘worker’).
12. Hospital doctor injecting substance right into bottom (9)
REGISTRAR An envelope (‘injecting … into’) of GIST (‘substance’) + R (‘right’) in REAR (‘bottom’).
13. Total, say (5)
UTTER Double definition.
14. Considered striking after spring, so planned carefully (4-7-3)
WELL-THOUGHT-OUT A charade of WELL (‘spring’) + THOUGHT (‘considered’) + OUT (‘striking’).
18. Need MOT? GT somehow not right, please understand (4,3,2,5)
DON’T GET ME WRONG DONT GET ME, an anagram (‘somehow’) of ‘need MOT GT’ + WRONG (‘not right’). The apostrophe, like other punctuation in answers, is ignored.
20. Fighter plane hit? One’s lost power (5)
MIGHT A charade of MIG (‘fighter plane’) + H[i]T (‘hit’) with the I removed (‘ones lost’). Nice surface.
22. Diver with net revealing explosive device (5,4)
BOOBY TRAP A charade of BOOBY (the bird, ‘diver’) + TRAP (‘net’). A booby trap is not necessarily explosive.
24. Thug‘s hairy pet (9)
ROUGHNECK A charade of ROUGH (‘hairy’) + NECK (make out, ‘pet’).
25. Actress in part of Dumas heroine (5)
ASHER Answer hidden (‘part of’) in ‘DumAS HERoine’. The actress most likely is Jane Asher.
26. Former name of Ottawa, according to name on tug (6)
BYTOWN A charade of BY (‘according to’) + TOW (‘tug’) + N (‘name’).
27. Girl’s back at school to get a laxative (5,3)
SENNA POD A charade of SENNA, a reversal (‘back’) of ANNE’S (‘girl’s’) + POD (‘school’ of whales).
1. Writer eating only half of stew in restaurant (6)
BISTRO An envelope (‘eating’) of ST[ew] (‘half of STew’) in BIRO (‘writer’).
2. Star anise, say, always growing (9)
EVERGREEN A charade of EVER (‘always’) + GREEN (‘growing’). Star anise is a spice obtained from the dried fruits of Illicium verum, an evergreen tree.
3. Reportedly drops off a novel (5)
KIPPS A homophone (‘reportedly’) of KIPS (naps, ‘drops off’). The novel Kipps, the story of a simple soul is by H G Wells.
4. Drunk carried out secretly (5,3,5)
UNDER THE TABLE Double definition.
6. Clerical worker in dock, drug dealer (9)
PENPUSHER A charade of PEN (‘dock’) + PUSHER (‘drug dealer’).
7. A bit to one side (5)
APART A charade of ‘a’ + PART (‘bit’).
8. Able to read and write Latin? Say again (8)
LITERATE A charade of L (‘Latin’) + ITERATE (‘say again’).
11. Chinese restaurant speciality? Chef brought in fourteen I fancy! (7,6)
FORTUNE COOKIE An envelope (‘brought in’) of COOK (‘chef’) in FORTUNE IE, an anagram (‘fancy’) of ‘fourteen I’.
15. Fine sight, a kaleidoscopic display (5,4)
LIGHT SHOW A charade of LIGHT (‘fine’) + SHOW (‘sight’).
16. Title of new wine shop across river (9)
OWNERSHIP An envelope (‘across’) of R (‘river’) in OWNESHIP, an anagram (‘new’) of ‘wine shop’.
17. Film barmaids working (5,3)
ADAM’S RIB An anagram (‘working’) of ‘barmaids’. The film dates from 1949, and is one of the collaborations of Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy.
19. Thin daughter did without (6)
SPARED A charade of SPARE (‘thin’) + D (‘daughter’).
21. Drawn, relative after onset of gout (5)
GAUNT A charade of G (‘onset of Gout’) + AUNT (‘relative’).
23. Long story about Egypt’s leader (5)
YEARN An envelope (‘about’) of E (‘Egypt’s leader’) in YARN (‘story’). Parsing the clue requires the separation of ‘long’, and investing it with an unexpected meaning – nice misdirection.

5 Responses to “Everyman N° 3409 (5th February)”

  1. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks, Peter.

    Indeed, a typical Everyman – no bells and whistles, but some lovely surfaces with a good variety of clues (and an old film …) Had never heard of KIPPS, but confirmed it online. Didn’t have a particular favourite today; it was a good all-round puzzle.

  2. Davy says:

    Thanks Peter,

    Another very entertaining puzzle from Everyman with the usual range of clues. I particularly liked SPRAWL (excellent surface) REGISTRAR (straying into Paul’s territory here), BISTRO and FORTUNE COOKIE. Thanks Everyman.

  3. Robi says:

    I think that I found this one a bit harder than usual. I don’t think I know UNDER THE TABLE meaning drunk.

    Thanks PeterO. I wondered this morning how I had managed to parse GAUNT from: ‘Thin daughter did without,’ but then realised it was the wrong clue! :x

    I particularly liked YEARN and BISTRO; thanks Everyman for an entertaining puzzle.

  4. Robi says:

    P.S. As I pointed out last week, it might be worth correcting the answer in last week’s blog to 4d from ASIDE to ARISE, just for posterity. :)

  5. Ben says:

    Yes, enjoyed it, I liked BISTRO as a clue, lots going on and satisfying to get. I think your ‘line’ is under the wrong part of the clue in 14a, by the way. Everyone’s a critic, eh…?!

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