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Financial Times 13,930 by Flimsy

Posted by Jed on February 17th, 2012


I shall be most interested to see what others make of this puzzle




1 BACKGAMMON BACK approve GAMMON nonsense

7 SCAB scoundrel  C caught in SA + B bishop

9 BIRO IR irish in BO

10 DISCOMPOSE anagram of COPS SOME DI[e]

11 COGNAC hidden clue reversed (on reflection)

12 PROFOUND anagram of PROUD OF
+ N (last letter of lagoon)

13 SEAWATER main source of wetness, anagram of TEAR WAS + E (middle letter of cheek)


17 PEEL PEE leak L liberal

19 PLAYGOER anagram of LEG PLAY + O oxygen

22 GRAFFITI  GRAF tennis player FIT tantrum I one

23 SLOGAN catchphrase SLOG work hard AN a new

25 FUTURISTIC anagram of FRUIT IS CUT but it doesn’t mean newest or up

26 AVID greedy AVOID duck minus O nothing

27 FEUD F fellow DUE directly reversed (returning)

28 RED HERRING double definition?


2 ADIPOSE fatty A anagam (doctor) of SPIED with O nothing

3 KNOWN NOW immediately in KN outer letters of KowlooN

4 ABDICATE surrender anagram of CID BEAT after A

5 MISAPPROPRIATED pinched MIS[s] girl almost APPROPRIATE deserved + D[erriere]

6 NEOCON right wing politician, anagram of NO-ONE and C conservative

7 SUPPOSING fancying SUP drink POSING setting out

8 ARSENIC poison ARSE behind NIC first letters (lids) of narcotics in chemist

14 WELL-FOUND fully equipped WELL small vessel FOUND discovered

16 MASSACRE destroy MASS total ACRE area of land

18 EN ROUTE double definition

20 ELATION delight [r]ELATION next of kin

21 TIDIER more neat?, anagram of (scotch) I TRIED

24 ON AIR broadcast, hidden in barcelONA I Recorded


6 Responses to “Financial Times 13,930 by Flimsy”

  1. Jan says:

    Thanks for the blog, Jed. I found the puzzle very straightforward; a nice contrast to some of the others this week.

    You don’t mention 28d – I have RED HERRING (dd) but don’t understand ‘cover’ as a definition. Chambers gives the example of misleading the dogs in a hunt by dragging a fish across the trail.

    I did worry about WELL as a small vessel, in 14d, until I thought of an ink well.

  2. jed says:

    Thanks Jan for pointing out 28across – now added – have just found this definition in Chambers under ‘cover’ – an apparently genuine identity, job, etc used as a front, especially by spies – still not sure

  3. crypticsue says:

    Thanks Jed – apart from 6d for which I thank you, I found this one very straightforward, possibly the most straightforward of all today’s six cryptics. Seemed to be a lot of anagrams as I was solving it, but now I look again, perhaps there weren’t as many as I thought. Thanks Flimsy – a nice bit of lunchtime diversion.

  4. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Flimsy for an enjoyable puzzle and Jed for the blog.

    11ac: I think this is just CAN GO C[old] reversed. I can see no “hidden” indicator.

    12ac/13ac/19ac: Are you using “+” to mean “containing”? In each case here I would take the single letter as indicated separately from the anagram, with an inclusion indicator (around/around/is involved) as well as an anagram indicator (swimming/weaving/to fix).

    25ac: I took “newest” as the definition and “up” as the anagram indicator. I was happy with “up” but less so with “newest”. The best I can get from Chambers 2008 is futuristic so modern (in design, concept, etc) as to appear to belong to some future time.

  5. verbose says:

    8d made me laugh out loud.

  6. John Newman says:


    You asked what others thought. Well I thought that a reasonably good puzzle was spoilt by the plagiurism of 23A. Falcon had virually the same clue in 13,919.

    I didn’t like some words. Futuristic as you say just doesn’t work. Discompose is a dreadful word. Does Gammon mean nonsense?
    Was Peel a Liberal Prime Minister? What I can find on Wikipedia is that he was Conservative. What has en route got to do with march? Does Due = Directly? Does mass = total? I thought it was weight. I have heard of moviegoer and theatregoer but not playgoer.

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