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Independent 7909 by Quixote

Posted by nmsindy on February 20th, 2012


A puzzle in the familiar, pleasing, Quixote, style – aimed, I’d say, at being as easy by the general standards of Indy difficulty.    Solving time, 17 mins which is v fast for me.

* = anagram


1  BESTIAL     Defn:cruel     best (supreme) i (independent) Al (Capone):  gangster

5 DEARTH    Defn:  scarcity     dear (expensive)   article mostly = the less e ie th

8 OUT OF THIS WORLD     Double definition  – the second one slightly cryptic

9 ELSA     Hidden in hotel’s atmosphere  –  refers to lion in Born Free film from 1960s etc

10 FRIGHTENED   (fighter)*  (end)*

13 HEIGHT    H  (hospital)   eight (number)

14 REPOSING    Defn;  relaxing    and  “re-posing” for the photographer

17 AUDACITY     UDA  (Ulster Defence Association) – loyalist paramilitary group in A CITY (a place like Belfast).    City chosen for its relevance.    Definition:  daring (noun)

18 THROWN   “throne”

20 TALEBEARER    ear (listener) in (rebel at)*

22 FAIR     air (tune)  f (loud – from music)    Defn:  fine

24 AGGRANDISEMENT   (gangster maiden)*

25 PRAYER     ray (a litttle light) in per (through)

26 DRESSED     addressed less a d (duke)


1 BROKEN HEART        Clue relies on the fact the answer could be seen as indicating cryptically an anagram of ‘hater’

2 SATISFIED     Defn; met     fie in (sadist)*

3 INFO     Defn:  dope (ie information)     in FO (Foreign Office) now called something slightly different, I think, hence ‘as it was’

4 LAHORE  la (the in French) ho (house) r (river)  e (edge of the ie last letter).    Defn:  city (in Pakistan)

5 DISAGREE    Defn:   have words    sag (sink down) in dire (dreadful) e (rage finally = last letter)

6 APOSTROPHE     My favourite clue.    (to a shopper)*     One tends to see misuse of apostrophes in handwritten signs eg in greengrocers

7 TALON    defn:   One may be grabbing     hidden in rest alone

11 DEGENERATED   (renegade)*  Ted (rocker of yesteryear – Teddy boys from the 1950s)    Defn:  got worse

12 CHUCK BERRY    US singer who had a big influence on the Beatles when they were starting out.   chuck = shy (throw)   err (sin) in by (through)

15 IDOLATERS    (lad Tories)*

16 STRAINER    Defn;  someone trying hard    s (seconds)  trainer (one out to improve performance)

19 PERIOD      do = party (wound up = going upwards) after peri (fairy)   Defn: time

21 LAGER    lag (delay)   er (hesitation)

23 BEDE     Venerable Bede from NE England – early days of Church    B. Ed (person with educational qualification)   E (English)    defn:  monk

8 Responses to “Independent 7909 by Quixote”

  1. Eileen says:

    Thanks for the blog, NMS.

    Rather easier than the usual Quixote – and not an unusual word in sight!

    Favourite clues: AUDACITY and TALEBEARER for their surfaces and, way out in front, the brilliant APOSTROPHE – an absolute gem! Many thanks to the Don for that and the rest of the puzzle.

  2. NealH says:

    I’m not sure why Quixote is appearing two weeks running – perhaps there’s a themed puzzle of some sort next week. I thought this was quite pleasant and undemanding. As someone whose father owned a shop with a misused apostrophe, I could appreciate 6 down.

  3. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Yes, I too wondered what eimi has up his sleeve for us next Monday.

    Not quite 17 minutes, but a steady and straightforward solve. I’m an APOSTROPHE admirer too, but I also liked BROKEN HEART, and BEDE, for no other reason than it reminded me of home. I passed his monastery at Jarrow on the school bus twice a day for seven years.

    Thanks to nms and Quixote.

  4. MikeC says:

    Thanks nms and Q. APOSTROPHE was terrific; BROKEN HEART and CHUCK BERRY also good.

  5. Paul B says:

    Yes, Don’s being very charitable today: something to do with the HORRENDOUS grid perhaps!

  6. Pelham Barton says:

    I was not going to come in today because I have nothing much to add except thanks to Quixote for an enjoyable puzzle and nms for the blog, but Paul B@5 – what do you not like about the grid? We have at least 50% cross-checking in all answers and it meets my most stringent standard for full interconnection between sections.

  7. Quixote says:

    PB is joking. I am in two weeks running because I allowed myself to get out of phase with my dates and eimi kindly slotted another one in. There will be another delierate dislocation next month. Thanks to all. Q

  8. flashling says:

    Well that explains the Don’s appearance, Thrown (my last just didn’t see it) for a few seconds by Apostrophe before the penny drop.

    Are the UDA still active or should it have been former/ex paramilitaries, I thought they’d stopped, apologies if I’m wrong.

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