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Financial Times 13933 Gurney

Posted by scchua on February 21st, 2012


A straightforward, accessible puzzle, I think, thanks to Gurney.  Definitions are underlined in the clues.  Picture set at the bottom has an unidentified link with the crossword.


1 Calm and able to move fast when doubt’s repressed (6)

PACIFY :  IF(expressing doubt,on condition) contained in(repressed) PACY(able to move at a fast pace,pacey)

Answer: Calm as a verb

4 Learn by accident maybe contents of cover he arranged (8)

OVERHEARAnagram of(arranged) [OVE(inner letters,contents ofcover”) + HE  Edit.note:  Thanks to mike04@2 the correct parsing is:  Hidden in(contents of) cOVER HE ARranged.  I got fixed on “arranged” as an (obvious) anagrind.

10 Nats aim, after turmoil, to find energy to go on (7)

STAMINAAnagram of(after turmoil) NATS AIM

11 In recession mines stop regular payment (7)

STIPENDReversal of(in recession) PITS(mines,holes in the ground) + END(stop,cease).

Answer: Regular payment as allowance especially to, a scholarship holder, or a clergyman.

12 Playing part as Romeo? Bravo! (4)

ROLE :  R(indicated by Romeo in the phonetic alphabet) + OLÉ(with an accent, the Spanish cry of approval, equivalent to the Italian “bravo!”).

13 Flier unhappy with liquid container (10)

BLUEBOTTLE :  BLUE(unhappy,down with the blues) plus(with) BOTTLE(liquid container

Answer: A blowfly with an iridescent blue colouring

15 Way to behave in large house, we’re told (6)

MANNERHomophone of(we’re told) “manor”(large house,mansion with a lot of land around it)

16 Look at dry English official publication (7)

GAZETTE :  GAZE(look at) + TT(abbrev. for teetotal, as an adjective for abstaining from intoxicating drink,dry) + E(English

Answer: A British government journal listing what’s happening in officialdom.

20 British pop band of the 60s were better than the French (7)

BEATLES :  BEAT(were better than) + LES(one of the French words for “the”)

21 A lot of people accepting Nebraska is free of deceit (6)

HONEST :  HOST(a multitude,lot of people) containing(accepting) NE(abbrev. for the state of Nebraska, USA)

24 Strangely obstinate man finally endorsing no candidate (10)

ABSTENTIONAnagram of(strangely) [OBSTINATE + N(last letter,finally of “man”)] 

Answer: Endorsing no,refraining from voting for a, candidate..

26 Pram recycled into aircraft steps? (4)

RAMPAnagram of(recycled) PRAM 

Answer: A boarding ramp,moveable staircase,steps for passengers to board/disembark from an aircraft.  It’s becoming a relic, with modern airports and their jet bridges/aerobridges/airbridges

28 They work hard in Thailand alongside fuel tankers (7)

TOILERS :  T(international vehicle registration code for Thailand) plus(alongside) OILERS(fuel tankers)

29 Empress finds artisan in revolt (7)

TSARINAAnagram of(in revolt) ARTISAN

Answer: A Russian empress

30 Phonily grin and get initially eager word of welcome (8)

GREETINGAnagram of(phonily) [GRIN plus(and) GET + E(first letter of,initially eager)]

31 Squirm seeing legal document he’s appended (6)

WRITHE :  WRIT(legal document ordering to whom it is served to do or refrain from doing a specified act) plus(…‘s appended) HE


1 No longer able to run in the morning over island? Here’s some meat! (8)

PASTRAMI :  PAST(past it,no longer able to) + R(run in cricket notation) + AM(morning) placed above(over, in a down clue) I(abbrev. for island)

2 A difficult task to modify having to incorporate lines (eastern) (9)

CHALLENGE :  CHANGE(to modify) containing(having to incorporate) [LL(double lines) + E(eastern)]

3 Moderately good promotional exhibition (4)

FAIR :  Double defn:

5 Sadly, real CV is instinctive (8)

VISCERALAnagram of(sadly) REAL CV IS 

Answer: Descriptive of something characterised or proceeding from instinct rather than intellect.  Derived  from “viscera”,guts, hence “gut feel”.  But scientifically incorrect – instinct stems from the brain, though you might feel it in your stomach (or the rest of your body).

6 Native of Africa could become richer soon (10)

RHINOCEROSAnagram of(could become) RICHER SOON 

Answer:  Only 2 species, the black and white rhinos, out of 5, are native to Africa.  It’s dreadful that some people, as a result of folklore, mistakenly think that rhino horns have healing properties – you might just as well chew your fingernails, same basic substance, for all the good it does.

7 Equally balanced over time in long jump, say (5)

EVENT :  EVEN(a draw,equally balanced) placed above(over, in a down clue) T(time

Defn: An example,say of an athletic event

8 Blush when looking up earned derision to some extent (6)

REDDENHidden in(to some extent) and reversal of(when looking up, in a down clue) earNED DERision

9 Political meeting – Republican supporter is there (5)

RALLY :  R(abbrev. for Republican) + ALLY(supporter,friend)

14 Test afresh, allow men to be included: it resolves the matter (10)

SETTLEMENTAnagram of(afresh) TEST + {MEN contained in(to be included) LET(allow)}

17 Health worker seeing believer receiving rebuke (9)

THERAPIST :  THEIST(believer in a god or gods) containing(receiving) RAP(a rebuke,criticism)

18 Abandon black colour? No, it’s fantastic! (8)

JETTISON :  JET(a hard variety of coal, black in colour, polished and used for jewellery and ornaments) + anagram of(fantastic) NO, IT’S

19 Opts to change hotel employee, strike results (8)

STOPPAGEAnagram of(to change) OPTS + PAGE(hotel employee who performs various errands for guests, or “concierge” to use a fancier word)

22 Disorganised in Agra, got disheartened? (6)

RAGTAGAnagram of(disorganised, if you allow a word doubling up in a clue) [AGRA + GT{“gotminus its inner letter(disheartened)}]

23 Show disapproval of the unfinished compartment for voting (5)

BOOTH :  BOO(show oral disapproval) + TH{“theminus its last letter(unfinished)}

25 Fishing net in river (5)

SEINE :  Double defn: 1st:  A type of fishing net which essentially hangs vertically in the water; and 2nd: The river that runs through Paris

27 What’s normally expected to include one (or two?) (4)

PAIR :  PAR(what’s normally expected, as in “par for the course”) containing(to include) I(Roman numeral for one).




11 Responses to “Financial Times 13933 Gurney”

  1. crypticsue says:

    Very enjoyable and as scchua says a nice accessible puzzle for the less experienced solver. I have indeed recommended it elsewhere! Thanks to Gurney and scchua too.

  2. mike04 says:

    Many thanks, scchua.

    Well said regarding the plight of the various species of Rhinoceros. I wasn’t entirely happy with ‘Native of Africa’ as the definition, considering the mammal’s overall range.

    4ac could also be parsed as a Container-and-contents clue: OVERHEAR is all there!

  3. scchua says:

    Thanks mike04@2, you’re right, my error.

  4. Steve says:

    Thanks scchua and Gurney. The pictures are all of actors who played police officers (or bluebottles, 13A) on UK TV: Rowan Atkinson as Inspector Fowler in ‘The Thin Blue Line'; Jack Warner as ‘Dixon of Dock Green'; John Thaw and Denis Waterman as Regan and Carter in ‘The Sweeney'; and Stratford Johns as Barlow in ‘Z-Cars’

  5. scchua says:

    Great job Steve, right on all counts. I was trying to revive some pleasant, I hope, memories for all.

  6. Steve says:

    Indeed you did scchua (as well as showing our age!). Of course, I might have added that John Thaw also starred in the role (12A) of one of TV’s favourite cruciverbalists as ‘Inspector Morse’.

  7. Steve says:

    … written by Colin Dexter, author of ‘Cracking Cryptic Crosswords’.

  8. RMG says:

    I spent ages trying to fit “Sinatra” into 29A, wondering if Gurney was a diehard fan of Nancy.

  9. mike04 says:

    Comment 2. above
    Sorry, I meant ‘Hidden answer’ clue for 4ac. Mike

  10. Gurney says:

    Many thanks, scchua, for the wonderful blog and also to all who commented. Re BLUEBOTTLE I shied away from policeman in the definition part as dicts indicate it is now a little dated. Alas I can’t say the same about RAMPs (26A), very much still around in some UK and neighbouring airports

  11. scchua says:

    Thanks for dropping in Gurney. Look forward to your next one.

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