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Sloggers & Betters (Northern) April 2012

Posted by tilsit on February 21st, 2012


Thanks for all the interest in the next S&B do to be held in Todmorden.  Unfortunately I have had to move it back a week due to venue problems and it will now be held on  Saturday 21st April.  Hope you can make it.  As previously mentioned, if you are travelling from farther afield I am happy to help find accommodation.

It will be from 12 noon at the Bramsche Bar on Rochdale Road, with early birds gathering at the White Hart nearby for breakfast.  Later in the day there is a meal planned wither at the Vedas or the Cotton Mill.

On the previous evening, one of the great unsung guitar heroes is playing in the town, George Borowski and his band are at a local cricket club, and I have tickets for this event if needed.

Hope to see you there!


13 Responses to “Sloggers & Betters (Northern) April 2012”

  1. John Appleton says:

    Very tempting…any hints on accommodation would be good.

  2. jetdoc says:

    Not quite unsung, if indeed he is Guitar George!

  3. tilsit says:


    Have tried to email you, but the mail bounced.

    Have a list of accommodation for you. Contact me directly and I’ll do the honours.

  4. tilsit says:


    Indeed he is, in the Dire Straits song Sultans of Swing. He originally inspired Mark Knopfler a very long time ago.

  5. Gervase says:

    With the change in date I can make it after all! See you in Tod.

  6. regalize says:

    I would love to come – but bear in mind it is Brenda’s 86th! We might all be glued to the TV.

  7. Tramp says:

    I will try my best to make it. The week before was ideal for me but I’ll see what I can do.

  8. John Appleton says:


    E-mail address corrected!

  9. Colin Foster says:

    i’m still able to come along on the 21st.

  10. anax says:

    Add my name to this one Dave – and a ticket to a bit of guitar thrash. Well up for that.

  11. steve_m says:

    Depending on the availability of a pitch for the motorhome at Todmorden cricket Club will be there Friday and Saturday in campervan or just Saturday if no pitch.
    Is this the Cricket Club where Guitar George is playing ?

  12. MikeC says:

    Thanks for the further details, Tilsit. Unfortunately it looks as though the revised date won’t work for me. Dog-minding duties!

    Hope you all have a good weekend.

  13. steve_m says:

    Campsite booked, motorhome fuelled, will definitely be there.

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