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Photo uploads (including Rufus’ birthday celebrations)

Posted by jetdoc on 22nd February 2012


I have uploaded three new sets of photos to Flickr:

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Financial Times 13,934 by Io, Cincinnus and others

Posted by PeeDee on 22nd February 2012


No prizes for guessing the subject of the celebration in this puzzle.

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Roger Squires (Rufus, Dante etc) – 80 Today

Posted by Gaufrid on 22nd February 2012


I’m sure you will all join me in wishing Mr Squires a very Happy Birthday. A splendid poetic tribute from Araucaria can be found here on the CCMB.

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Guardian Cryptic N° 25,565 by Enigmatist

Posted by PeterO on 22nd February 2012


Without the dedication, this would have been a tough nut to crack.

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Independent 7911/Dac

Posted by John on 22nd February 2012


 As we expect, a smooth efficient job from Dac.  Some of the clues are excellent and it is sad that these masterpieces which he produces week after week are here for a day and then almost completely forgotten.

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Inquisitor 1216: Cold Cuts by Loda

Posted by HolyGhost on 22nd February 2012


Four clues have a misprint, and the rest have a redundant word. A jumble of the corrections to the misprints form a word that is thematically associated with eight unclued entries, and the initial letters of the redundant words spell five more thematic associations. The entries in the first and last columns are also relevant.
I must say, I found this remarkably easy. I solved about half the across clues on the first pass, then all bar three of the down clues. This allowed me to discover the theme, and fill in all the unclued entries. On the second pass through the clues, I finished off the across answers, and the remaining down ones. It was all over very quickly.

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