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Independent 7911/Dac

Posted by John on February 22nd, 2012


 As we expect, a smooth efficient job from Dac.  Some of the clues are excellent and it is sad that these masterpieces which he produces week after week are here for a day and then almost completely forgotten.

There is one whose parsing defeats me, but I suspect that won’t be for long.  When I switch on after a night’s sleep I’m sure that I’ll find that someone has made things clear.

1 CON DO — in North America a condominium (or condo) is a block of apartments where each apartment is separately owned; not quite the same thing as we have over here: it was explained to me once but I can’t now remember what was said
9 SHOWER GEL — a shower is someone who shows or demonstrates, a gel is a posh girl
10 whAT’S EAsily
11 INS{p}ECT — def cricket?
12 BE(V{isitor})ER A G E
14 REVELATION — (I’ve to learn)*
16 {D}A{n}G{e}R {w}A{s} — this word must be a nightmare for setters, it appears so often; Dac has of course done pretty well with it
19 DECK — 2 defs
20 S(P{olitical})IN DOCTOR — Doctor Who, &lit. I think, although I don’t really know the details of Doctor Who
22 SLIPOVER — def top, slip = cricketer, over = several balls
23 BE R(C)OW — the speaker is John Bercow
26 THIN K — to figure = to think
27 1 N COMMODE — inconvenience as a verb
29 NOTED — (D Eton)rev.
1 CASHIERED — (he is)* in cared
4 musiC — A GEnius — some say
5 I’LL BE BOUND — 2 defs
6 S(HAVE)R — have = give birth to as in “when did Mrs R have John?” (answer above)
13 STAPLE DIET — (Listed pate)*
15 VICTIMISE — but I can’t quite see this: it’s (Tim) in Vicise, or (Tim is) in Vice, and since the definition is Bully, somehow we have to find another term for prison sentence; rhyming slang?
17 ARROWHEAD — (Hear a word)*
18 DOBERMAN — R{ottweiler} in (name bod)rev.
21 ROOK I.E. — but there are rookies who aren’t team members (as in golf), so should there not be a question mark?
22 SIT-UP — (put 1’s)rev.
24 CRO{p} FT
25 SCAR{f}

14 Responses to “Independent 7911/Dac”

  1. sidey says:

    15d VIC (boy) + IS in TIME (prison sentence).

  2. NealH says:

    The &lit in 20 is referring to a spin doctor’s job rather than anything to do with Doctor Who, which is just there to provide the Doctor.

  3. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thank you, John.

    I couldn’t finish this one – got stuck in the NE corner, where all the crossing letters seemed to be S, A or E, which wasn’t a fat lot of help; not knowing SHAVER as the definition of ‘a little boy’ didn’t help matters either. Otherwise the usual fine stuff from Dac.

  4. 4across says:

    thanks both, finished but guessed shaver, SR sister ?

  5. NealH says:

    Yes, apparently it refers to a religious sister. That one held me up for a long time because I kept looking for something with sis around it.

  6. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Dac for yet another really enjoyable crossword and John for the blog. Last in was 8dn for no good reason.

    sidey @1 re 15dn: Thanks for that – obvious now you have explained it, but I too got stuck with the idea that the boy was going to be Tim.

    4across@4 re 6dn: Sr for “sister” has the support of Chambers 2008.

    4dn: I would have liked a question mark on the end of this, which in my view would make it a complete “& lit”.

  7. Paul B says:

    Well, possibly. IMO it would still depend on whether or not you agree with Dac’s opinion (for that is surely what it is) about Cage.

    For pedantic folks, *political’s leader* really, at 20ac.

  8. Allan_C says:

    Nothing too difficult here; thanks Dac and John. Held up a little on 3d thinking the ‘bridge player’ reference indicated N E W or S.

  9. flashling says:

    I struggled a bit in the NW corner, this seemed quite fair but tougher to break into than usual, I too fell in the tim trap in victimise, despite working for a Vic, last was NOOKS as the wrong meaning of sanction got suck in my head…

    TY Dac & John, much appreciated.

  10. pennes says:

    Sr is also an abrreviation for sister, as in hospital ward sister.
    I was a bit slow to get going, but things went in well until the last one at 8 dn: I don’t really see “share” as “helping” since they are surely different parts of speech?

  11. nmsindy says:

    Re pennes’ comment at #10,I saw ‘share’ as ‘helping’ ie nouns as eg in a portion of dessert. I found this a little easier today than some here – not sure why. Excellent puzzle and blog – thanks, Dac, and John.

  12. Allan_C says:


    Well, ‘helping’ in this sense is a gerund – the usage of a verb (in its -ing form) as a noun – and ‘share’ can be a noun as well as a verb. So a helping (as in ‘a generous helping’ or ‘second helpings’) is roughly the equivalent of a share (as in ‘this is your share’).

    But don’t let’s get too tied up in grammatical niceties – they’re not too important in Crosswordland.

  13. nmsindy says:

    It is very important tho as pennes suggests that the right part of speech is used in the definition.

  14. Paul B says:

    On the contrary Allan_C, ‘grammatical niceties’ are precisely what’s important in ‘Crosswordland’! That’s the whole point for me, anyway, whether or not I get it right.

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