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Financial Times 13,935 / Jason

Posted by Gaufrid on February 23rd, 2012


Work commitments have prevented Ringo from blogging today. I hadn’t intended to solve this puzzle, and certainly hadn’t allowed any time for writing this post, so I have had to limit my input to an analysis of the clues and will leave others to comment on the puzzle itself.

1 CHEMIST HEM (edge) IS in CT (court)
5 ACCEPT ACT (sketch) around CEP (mushroom)
8 SMALL BEER double def.
9 TRAMP TRAM (city vehicle) P (power)
11 DRIFT [roun]D RIFT (break)
12 PEPPERONI PEER (look) around PP (pages) ON (about) I (one)
13 SUNDRESS SUN (start of week) DRESS (clobber)
15 GRAPPA GRA[s]P (understand) PA (dad)
17 EVINCE [th]E VINCE (Cable)
19 UNCLOTHE UN (peacekeepers) CLOT (set) HE (high explosive)
22 SOFT PEDAL anagram (frightfully) of DATES FLOP
23 AMBLE M (Monsieur) in ABLE (fit)
24 RINSE RISE (get up) around N (noon)
25 INSIDE JOB INSIDE (locked up) JOB (book {of the Bible})
26 MYRTLE anagram (entwined) of TRY ELM
27 MANAGER A (answer) in MANGER (crib)
1 CASH DISPENSER anagram (foreign) of PRINCESS HEADS
2 ELATION [r]ELATION (sister, say, runs away)
3 ISLET homophone (is said) of ‘eyelet’ (small hole for peeping)
4 TRESPASS SPAS (spring resorts) in TRES (France most)
5 ABRUPT A B (British) RU (game {Rugby Union}) PT (point)
6 CATHEDRAL anagram (extraordinary) of CARTEL HAD
7 PEA SOUP hidden in ‘hoPE AS OU Proposes’
10 PRIVATE MEMBER double def.
14 RECIPIENT anagram (is altered) of NET PRICE I
16 UNCLE SAM cryptic def. – see Wikipedia
18 INFANCY N (northern) FAN (supporter) in ICY (chilling)
20 TOBY JUG cryptic def. – a beer mug or jug typically in the form of a stout seated man wearing a three-cornered hat and smoking a pipe.
21 ADMIRE DA (attorney) reversed (rising) MIRE (a sticky situation)
23 ADD-ON A D (daughter) DON (senior collegian)


2 Responses to “Financial Times 13,935 / Jason”

  1. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Jason for a nice gentle puzzle and Gaufrid for blogging it. Two clues I particularly enjoyed were 19ac and 1dn.

  2. DaveLaw says:

    Bit of poetic licence in 4dn as “most” approximates to PLUS. “very” would be more accurate for TRÈS.
    But then the clue might need to read:
    “Spring resorts enter France very illegally”

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