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Enigmatic Variations 1005: Answer by Shark

Posted by Dave Hennings on 25th February 2012

Dave Hennings.

I’ve come across a couple of Shark puzzles before and have been nicely entertained by them. Here, subsidiary indications led to an extra letter not entered, and they spelt out part of a quotation in recent editions of the ODQ although “barely indexed” in the 4th edition. Luckily I have the 5th, so thanks for that.

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Independent 7908 Bannsider (Sat 18-Feb-2012)

Posted by beermagnet on 25th February 2012


Mr B not just revealing but revelling in his roots.

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Guardian Prize Puzzle No 25,562 by Puck

Posted by bridgesong on 25th February 2012


We don’t often see Puck in the prize slot and I wonder whether this puzzle was intended as a prize puzzle because it seemed to me to be very much on the easy side, with several friendly long anagrams to help  solvers get off to a quick start.   I didn’t keep a note of my solving time, but it was less than my usual hour (yes, I know many of you will have done it much more quickly).  I thought one or two of the clues were rather clever but I do have a few quibbles over some of the wordplay.  The only unfamiliar words were MACIES  (because it was wrong!) and COPAL, both of which were easy to deduce from the wordplay.

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