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IoS 1,148/Nitsy

Posted by Ali on 26th February 2012


My first IoS blog, and also my first Nitsy puzzle I think.

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Beelzebub 1146

Posted by Jed on 26th February 2012


Tricky and enjoyable puzzle although I was caught out by having limited understanding of answers at 22a and 5d

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Everyman crossword No 3,411

Posted by Stella on 26th February 2012


A quick solve, but none the less enjoyable, with some delightful surfaces which raised a few smiles. The two straightforward long central across clues were a great way in. There were a couple of unfamiliar solutions, but the clear wordplay made them perfectly gettable.

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Azed 2072/taken abaft

Posted by ilancaron on 26th February 2012


I was held up rather badly by the SW corner — all because I hastily opted for ABAFT instead of ABACK (25D).  As a result, the mostly full grid lay fallow on my desk at work all week — until I remembered the blog this morning (Saturday) – quick trip to the office to retrieve grid to the surprise of the security guard since I was dressed in full weekend regalia (shorts, sandals and unshaven).   As per usual, the BRB proved a rather useful prop.

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