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Beelzebub 1146

Posted by Jed on February 26th, 2012


Tricky and enjoyable puzzle although I was caught out by having limited understanding of answers at 22a and 5d





2 Frank cracks when accepting one’s offers to stand

CANDIDACIES   CANDID frank I one in ACES cracks

9 Shells windows that haven’t opened


10 Couple of yobs switched source of sedative?

LOTUS plant = sedative LOUTS yobs with a couple of letters switched

12 Madder form of verse with hint of assonance at the end

RUBIA herbaceous madder plant RUBI form of verse? A hint of Assonance

13 Hail once starts to affect colourful shore

ACCOAST greeting Affect Colourful COAST shore

14 Something marvelous about special Jewish festival

PESACH Passover Special in PEACH

16 Incomplete question posed by line of university

DOUBLE-YOU letter DOUB[t] question LEY line O[f]  U university

17 Revise recipe domestic servant returned

RECENSE revise REC[ipe] ESNE< domestic servant reversed

22 Man following precedence in Catholic service

PLACEBO vespers for the dead PLACE precedence BO man

23 Waiting sailor, one occupying shore at Leith

TARRIANCE waiting  TAR sailor I one in RANCE Scottish shore

26 Bloke in charge of apples

MALEIC of apples MALE bloke IC in charge

27 Warily reluctant to include old cat’s cry for no clear reason

SOMEWHY no clear reason (Old MEW cat’s cry) in SHY warily reluctant

28 Grassland completely turned over? Certainly not

LLANO grassland ALL< NO  certainly not

29 Currency units along with English pound

TOEAS Papua money TO along with English AS pound = 12 ounces

30 Priest agreed child should return bird

DIKKOP bird (P priest OK agreed KID child)<

31 Student of Hollywood, say, is captured by form of art cinema

AMERICANIST student of things American IS in (ART CINEMA)*


1 Supporting big business, scoundrel is blocking my funds

CORPORATIST (RAT scoundrel IS) in COR my POT funds

2 Bottle displayed by historic team with time

CRUET sauce bottle CRUE crew T time

3 One’s staff accepting nonsense? Bad luck

AMBS-ACE bad luck BS bull**** in A MACE

4 Severe action misplaced in Congo?

DRACONTIC extremely severe, like the laws of Draco, archon at Athens 621BC (ACTION)*  in DRC Democratic Republic of Congo

5 Last month: Liberal avoiding defamation shows relationship with power

DECIBELrelationship with power DECember [L]IBEL

6 Colt, less restrained, heading off Scottish stallion

COOSER stallion (Scot) [L]OOSER less restrained (colt is a young horse)

7 I agree to reduce duplication in European country

ITALY I TALLY I agree minus L  one of the duplicated letters

8 Station’s fame rising after American steps in

EUSTON station  US American in NOTE< fame rising

11 Optical instrument causes poor sight ultimately to be treated

STAUROSCOPE instrument for studying mineral crystals under polarized light (CAUSES POOR [sigh]T)*

15 Laconical, possibly, in describing sewer

CLOACALIN describing sewer (LACONICAL)*

18 Appropriate to spar in argument over this

SPATHIC spar like (mineralogy) SPAT argument  HIC this (Latin)

19 Removes bill from bill of exchange – unexpectedly asked about that

DEBEAKS removes bill BE bill of exchange in (ASKED)*

20 Tree with a hollow sound

WABOOM or wagenboom tree whose wood is used in making wagon wheels With A BOOM

21 Arrival getting attention, being behindhand

ARREAR behind ARRival EAR attention

24 Yard containing American source of fibre

RAMEE nettle plant American in REE yard

25 Container holding in wine

PINOT wine IN in POT

( )* = anagram      [ ] = omitted      < = reversed



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