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IoS 1,148/Nitsy

Posted by Ali on February 26th, 2012


My first IoS blog, and also my first Nitsy puzzle I think.

This was good stuff, with a wide range of clue types and a nice difficulty level. I’ll admit I had to cheat on 18D though as that was a new one on me.

1 ARCH – Double def.
3 FORENSIC – FOR + (SCIEN[-ce])*
12 OATH – Hidden in hullabalooO AT Having
13 EMPEROR – PER(son) in (ROME)*
15 TEAPOT – TEA[-k] + POT (stakes)
17 FAUCET – F(emale) + (A CUTE)*
19 FREESIA – FREE (not tied up) + (IS A)*
20 GULP – PLUG rev.
21 PYROMANiA – Cryptic def.
24 SHOOTING GALLERY – Cryptic def.
25 OILCLOTH – OIL (bribe) + LOT in CH(urch)
26 BEAT – B[-L(iberal)]EAT
1 ACHIEVER – (H[-urdling] + RACE I’VE)*
2 CORGI – R(uns) in COG + I(sland)
4 OVEREAT – Hidden in alcOVE REATtempyed
5 EVAPORATED MILK – EVAPORATED (gone) + MILK (to extract)D
6 SANCTIONS – S(mall) + N(umber) in ACTIONS
7 CUTE – CUT (score) + E(uropean)
8 VENTURE CAPITAL – Cryptic def.
9 SHINER – (IS + HER + N[-on-stop])*.
16 CATALYST – ([-da]Y + AT LAST + [-mechani]C)*
18 TOPKNOT – Double def.R
19 FORAGE – OF rev. + RAGE
22 NIECE – E (drug) in NICE
23 ASBO – Hidden reversal in jOBS Aparently

5 Responses to “IoS 1,148/Nitsy”

  1. scchua says:

    Thanks Ali and Nitsy.

    I think you’ve got a leftover explanation from a previous blog for 9D SHINER : anagram of(barking) [IS + HER + N(on-stop)].

  2. flashling says:

    I don’t know how Ali compiles his blogs but the snafu at 9d isn’t the first time that’s happened, I found it tricky, but I was sleep deprived. I think shooting gallery is just a CD but there seemed to be far too many coincidental letters but I couldn’t see it.

  3. Dormouse says:

    Isn’t 24a a double definition? Shooting as in injecting drugs to get high?

  4. nmsindy says:

    Yes, I think it is a double definition – “Where one might get high targets here to aim at?” The split would, I think, be at high/targets. But it was such an excellent smooth surface reading that I could see why cryptic definition would come to mind. Not too difficult a puzzle overall, thanks Nitsy and Ali (who I’m glad to see back on the 15 sq beat).

  5. Ali says:

    Gah, apologies for the error at 9D. I often use previous blog templates and overwrite the answers, which is clearly a bad idea. Time to create a blank template!

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