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Financial Times 13,932 – Dante

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on March 1st, 2012

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/Feb 20

Another good puzzle by last week’s Birthday Child.  Actually, I found this crossword a lot more satisfying than Rufus’ Guardian puzzle (also published Feb 20) which I thought wasn’t the one the well-respected Mr Squires deserved that week over there.  Ah well, that’s just how I feel about it.

Definitions are underlined wherever possible and/or relevant.

1 ASSIGN A direction indicator gains award
    A + S (direction, South) + SIGN (indicator)
4 LUGGER Tug-boat?
    Doublish definition – ‘to tug’ can be ‘to lug’ and a LUGGER is a boat, while a tug-boat is a kind of vessel too (but a LUGGER isn’t a tug-boat, phew)
8 USERERS They take more interest than you would wish
    Cryptic definition
9 LISSOME The pound is to a certain extent flexible
    L ((the) pound) + IS + SOME (to a certain extent)
11 STONY-BROKE     On the rocks, shattered and destitute
    STONY (on the rocks) + BROKE (shattered)
12 APSE Apostles lost out, become upset in church
    (AP[ostl]ES)*, so an anagram of APOSTLES kicking ‘out’ LOST – the definition is, I think, a bit minimalistic
13 GRAIL A girl in distress sought by Parsifal
    (A GIRL)* – the definition being ‘that thing’ sought by Parsifal
14 SERAPHIC Chips are heavenly served like this
    (CHIPS ARE)* – I haven’t seen ‘heavenly’ as anagram indicator before, or is it even ‘heavenly served’?. In either cases there is some interference between wordplay and definition, but the imagery of chips being served like a real treat is quite appealing …. :)  Yes, togo @1, that’s surely the way to look at it – didn’t see that. Anagram indicator ‘(when) served like this’, definition just ‘heavenly’. Many thanks!   BTW, just recently there was a discussion on definitions not being placed at one of the ends of a clue. Well, boys and girls ‘over there’, here’s indeed a good counterexample.
16 ABRASION A foundation garment is retired on showing wear
    A + BRA (foundation garment) + SI (reversal of IS) + ON
18 CAIRN Smashed car in a pile of stones
    (CAR IN)*
20 CRAM Stuff to study for an exam
    Double definition
21 MINUTE HAND     Precise employee is on time
    MINUTE (precise) + HAND (employee) – the definition “is on time” a bit loose but perfectly all right within the surface
23 DIARIST Daily journalist
    Cryptic definition
24 RAIMENT An object in rent is investment
    AIM ((an) object) inside RENT
25     ERRAND Make a mistake with the charge
    ERR (make a mistake) + AND (with)
26 SKINNY Lacking food, find a pub in heavenly surroundings
    INN ((a) pub) surrounded by SKY (in heavenly surroundings)
1 ASSET When established, something to one’s credit
    AS (when) + SET (established)
2 SYRINGA Shrub that’s no good in Asian country
    NG (no good) inside SYRIA (Asian country)
3 GARIBALDI     Soldier imprisons a licentious Italian leader
    GI (soldier) around {A + RIBALD (licentious)}
5 UNITE Join some troops heading east
    UNIT (some troups) + E (east)
6 GAS LAMP Talk with the French politician may be illuminating
    GAS (talk) + LA (the, in French) + MP (politician) – again, the definition is “something” that may be illuminating
7 REMISSION Pardon means prison sentence is cut
    Double definition, the second one a “prison sentence thát is cut”
10 CONSONANT Agreeing to study the issue with a worker
    CON (study) + SON ((the) issue) + ANT (a worker)
13 GABERDINE Fabric, being dear, abandoned
15     RACE-TRACK     A course people follow
    RACE (people) + TRACK (follow)
17 ADMIRER Unhappily married – lover required
19 INHUMAN Beastly cruel
    Double definition, the first part having a cryptic element: ‘beastly’ = ‘non-human’
21 MASON Constructive member of society
    Cryptic definition
22 NANNY Billy’s mategood with children?
    Double definition with a cryptic element –  we have a ‘billy goat’ and a ‘nanny goat’, and we also hope that a NANNY is good for children

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  1. togo says:

    Dear Sil

    When chips are ‘served like this’ (anagramatised..) they become seraphic – heavenly. I think.

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