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Independent on Sunday 1149: Poins

Posted by jetdoc on March 4th, 2012


Apologies for the late posting. As usual from Poins, a not-too-difficult puzzle with some nice twists in the surface reading.

If someone could fully explain 6d, I would be grateful (and I will probably realise just after posting).

Thanks to Simon, Miche and others for their suggestions about 6d. However, clues that use ‘girl’ or ’boy’ to indicate given names (and, especially, abbreviations thereof) seem unconvincing to me. Also, ‘girl’ for DEB[utante] is hardly an adequate indication.

1 CREATED Discourage going back over answer after Conservative made a fuss
DETER = discourage, reversed; ‘over’ A = answer; after C = Conservative
5 STARTED Found near Sunderland’s end after game finally kicked-off
START = Found; D =Sunderland’s end; after E = game finally. Definition = kicked-off (I’m not sure why it’s hyphenated; I would only hyphenate the compound noun)
9 READIES One captured by communist is carrying drug money
A = One; ‘captured by’ RED = communist; IS; ‘carrying’ E = drug. Definition: money
10 OBTAINS Gets oxygen containers filled by volunteers
O = oxygen; BINS containers; TA volunteers (Territorial Army)
11 IMPLEMENT Complete tool
Double definition
12 TRIPE Rubbish bandleader dismissed
[s]TRIPE = band, without its first letter (‘leader dismissed’)
13 GREAT Good at protecting extremely rude major
G = Good; AT; RE extremely rude. Definition: major
15 ABANDONED Left a ring — one with diamonds
A; BAND = ring; ONE; D diamonds. Definition: left
17 PERMANENT Fixed rule about name on exercise books
R =rule; *(name), with ‘about’ as the anagram indicator; on PE = exercise; NT = books (New Testament)
19 SCOLD Scudamore’s debut on unresponsive nag
S = Scudamore’s debut (referring to Michael, Peter and Tom, all jockeys); COLD = unresponsive
22 NUDES They’re uncovered by students around both sides of dyke
NUS = National Union Of Students; DE = both sides of dyke
23 COMPANION One of a pair of investigators primarily working on a swindle involving money, power and head of AIG
I = investigators primarily; ON = working; on CON swindle; containing MPA = money, power and head of AIG. Slightly tricky to parse
25 IMAGINE Suppose mine turns out to contain a good bit of it
*(mine) = ‘mine turns out’; A; G = good; I = bit of it
26 TRIVIAL Suffering to take in Ibsen’s earliest verse is of little value
TRIAL = suffering; I = Ibsen’s earliest; V = verse
27 FEELERS Rector initially satisfied after the price paid covers return of the French horns
R = Rector; S = initially satisfied; FEE the price paid; EL = return of the French. Definition: horns
28 DESERTS They may be just leaves
Double definition = just deserts; leaves. And a nice twist, because deserts are generally rather short of foliage.
1 CARVING Sculpture of murderer smothering king — very gory at first
CAIN = murderer (Cain and Abel); R = king; VG = ‘very gory’ at first
2 EXAMPLE Without enough warning
EX = without; AMPLE = enough. Definition: warning
3 TRITE Stock agent’s close to it in the middle of Florence
T = agent’s close; IT; in RE = the middle of Florence. Definition: stock (conventionally used, standard, banal)
4 DESPERATE Reckless of French queen to get into quarrel with earl
DE = of French; ER = queen; in SPAT = quarrel; with E = earl
5 SPORT Kind about Pinter’s first play
SORT = kind; P = Pinter’s first
6 APTITUDES Man imprisons girl without foundation after father sent back gifts
TITUS = man; DE = girl without foundation? (Someone explain this, please); after AP = father sent back
7 TUITION Instruction to spread out in it
*(out in it)
8 DISTEND Bulge seen when lad’s back is supported by nurse
D = lad’s back; IS; ‘supported by’ (in a down clue) TEND = nurse
14 TRANSPIRE Become known for dissection of terrapins
16 ATTEMPTED Tried to rearrange date to accommodate office worker going to Thailand
*(date); ‘accommodating’ TEMP = office worker; T = Thailand
17 PONTIFF Bishop’s display of irritation after Poins is removed
TIFF = display of irritation; after PON = ‘Poins‘ with ‘is’ removed
18 RED TAPE Republican newspaper boss takes a hit at European bureaucracy
R = Republican; ED = newspaper boss; TAP = hit; E = European
20 OLIVIER Love piece of improvisation included by organ player
O = Love; I = piece of improvisation; in LIVER = organ.
The actor Laurence Olivier
21 DANGLES Hangs dead fish on tip of spear
D = dead; ANGLE = fish (verb); S = tip of spear
23 CHESS Musical box ultimately replaced by son
CHES[t] = box; with its final letter replaced by S = son.
Chess, a musical with music by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus, formerly of ABBA, and with lyrics by Tim Rice
24 AMISS A passage from Maugham is seen as inappropriate
Hidden in ‘Maugham is seen’

14 Responses to “Independent on Sunday 1149: Poins”

  1. Ian W. says:

    Wish I could say the same for the crossword itself. The website keeps giving me yesterday’s. Is this a problem at the source, or has anyone else found a way in?

  2. Gaufrid says:

    Ian W.
    I have just accessed the Indy website. The page was very slow to load but the correct puzzle eventually appeared:

  3. Simon Gosden says:

    6d – Debra withour a bra!

  4. jetdoc says:

    Well, that makes sense, I suppose (is a bra a foundation?). I wonder whether it’s what Poins intended.

  5. Miche says:

    Thanks, jetdoc.

    I took “girl without foundation” to be DE[B] – i.e. a girl’s name without the lowest (in a down clue) letter.

  6. jetdoc says:

    But maybe Simon’s explanation is wittier. I don’t like ‘girl’, ‘boy’ etc to indicate given names, especially abbreviations thereof.

  7. Simon Gosden says:

    I thought a “bra” was a foundation garment

  8. jetdoc says:

    I suppose it is. But it’s still a poor way to clue DE, in my opinion (unless we’ve all missed something).

  9. Gaufrid says:

    Having looked at the clue for 6dn, I’m inclined to go with Miche’s explanation @5 but with ‘deb’ as the informal form of débutante rather than a shortened girl’s name.

  10. nmsindy says:

    Thanks, Poins, and Jetdoc. I also read it as DEB less its final letter B esp as it was a down clue.

  11. Paul B says:

    Concur, using Deb = Deborah. Which is … okay. I guess. Jetdoc?

    In other news I confess I’m not sure whether to indicate in that fashion (‘foundation’) just because the clue is down: there’s nothing wrong with doing it that way, but is it needed? And if not, is it justified in some other way? I think we should be told.

    Anyway ‘Rubbish bandleader dismissed’ is VERY libertarian, and I am shocked and disgusted.

    Apart from that, a jolly romp, excellent Sunday fare, etc.

  12. Sil van den Hoek says:

    “Rubbish bandleader dismissed’ is VERY libertarian, and I am shocked and disgusted”
    Isn’t that a bit over the top, Paul?
    In another place (starting with a G), a thing like this happens over and over again.
    Even our beloved Araucaria uses his pair of scissors every now and then.
    I think we should accept that this has become a new kind of device.
    I admit, a year ago these things infuriated me, but nowadays I am more or less happy with them.
    Life goes on, as do crosswords.

  13. nmsindy says:

    Re #11, I read it as DEB = debutante, rather than the name of a particular girl.

  14. jetdoc says:

    I don’t have a problem with ‘Rubbish bandleader dismissed’, given that three of five letters are checked. Though it is, of course, very much on the libertarian side.

    But, for me, ‘girl without foundation’ for DE is way too loose and, dare I say it, rather lazy — unless, of course, Poins or someone else can alert us to a subtlety we have all missed.

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