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Financial Times 13945 Armonie

Posted by scchua on March 6th, 2012


Like previous Armonies, this one is to warm you up for the rest of the week.  Thanks Armonie.  I especially liked 26A and 5D, the latter with a nice touch of misdirection.  Definitions are underlined in the clues.  Each picture at the bottom has its own link to the crossword.


1 Complain inaudibly? (5,3)

SOUND OFF :  Without sound,inaudibly.

Answer: To complain in a frank and open manner, far from inaudibly.

6 Harangue one in business (6)

TIRADE :  I(Roman numeral for one) contained in(in) TRADE(business, what keeps shops, companies and nations going)

9 Poet found editing a chore (6)

HORACEAnagram of(editing) A CHORE.

Answer: Quintus Horatius Flaccus, or Horace to the English-speaking world, leading Roman poet of old.

10 Dissenter beaten to a paste (8)

APOSTATEAnagram of(beaten) TO A PASTE.

Answer: A WIWD (wordplay intertwined with definition) clue, as such dissenters were, and in some cases are, if not beaten to a paste, executed in other ways.  The word originally was used in the religious sense, until the 14C when it also applied to non-religious situations, eg. politics.

11 The probability eccentric succeeded (4)

ODDS :  ODD(eccentric) + S(abbrev. for succeeded at a guess, since I’m unable to quote a source or usage, perhaps in monarchic succession)

12 Where crooked landlords are or should be (6,4)

BEHIND BARS :  Cryptic defn: Landlords who run and own inns and pubs are found behind bars, whilst crooked landlords of rented houses and flats should be the same.

14 I grope in confusion for negligée (8)

PEIGNOIRAnagram of(confusion) I GROPE IN.

Answer: From the French for “to comb”, peigner, since this is what the ladies would be wearing after their bath while combing their hair.

16 Tory leader has pain in bum (4)

TAIL :  T(initial letter,leader of Tory) plus(has) AIL(to be in pain,suffereing from)

18 Writer keeps key in jar (4)

POET :  E(major, presumably, one of the keys,tonalities from the 24 major and minor diatonic scales upon which a musical composition’s tonal framework is based) contained in(keeps…in) POT(jar, eg a jam-pot)

19 Einstein revised in this decade (8)

NINETIESAnagram of(revised) EINSTEIN.

Answer: Could be the 1990s, or the 1890s which were the Gay Nineties to the Americans, and the Naughty Nineties to the British.

21 Nurse takes in rebel found in the kitchen (10)

TENDERISER :  TENDER(could be a noun, a person who tends,a nurse, or a verb, to treat tenderly,to nurse) containing(takes in) RISE(verb, to rebel)

Answer:  A substance found in the kitchen, applied to meat to make it tender.

22 Competent to turn round in the Mediterranean (4)

ELBAReversal of(to turn round) ABLE(competent).

Answer: Island in the Mediterranean.

24 Cloth requires money, nothing more (8)

CASHMERE :  CASH(money) + MERE(nothing more,just this)

Answer:  Cloth made from the downy wool at the roots of the hair of goats from Kashmir, which used to be spelt Cashmere.

26 Aversion is new treatment in Alcoholics Anonymous (6)

NAUSEA :  N(­new) + {USE(behaviour,treatment towards, eg. “to use a friend well”) contained in(in) AA(abbrev. for Alcoholics Anonymous)}.

Answer: Another WIWD clue.  Aversion therapy is used to treat alcoholism, by causing nausea in association with alcohol, and by other more subtle methods.

27 Prominence of Hungary’s rowing team (6)

HEIGHT :  H(International Vehicle Registration code for Hungary) + EIGHT(a rowing team having 8 rowers)

28 Study shows doctor is English (8)

TREATISE :  TREAT(doctor, as a verb) + IS + E(English)


2 Duck enclosure belonging to the past (2,3)

OF OLD :  O(looks like 0,zero,duck, a cricketer’s score of zero runs) FOLD(an enclosure for sheep, or other domestic animals.

3 Mean to complain Edward’s optically challenged (4-7)

NEAR-SIGHTED :  NEAR(mean,stingy, as in “he was near with his wallet”) + SIGH(exhale audibly, a non-verbal expression of disappointment,to complain.  Subject to misinterpretation by the listener, as you could have sighs of yearning, lament/grief, relief, despair, tiredness.  It’s better to SOUND OFF.) + TED(a short form of the name Edward).

4 Finished work? Take on too many! (8)

OVERBOOK :  OVER(finished,done with) + BOOK(a work by an author).

Answer: What airlines and restaurants do, just in case some of the people don’t turn up, but when all turn up, you’ve got an ugly situation – of their own making, I think.

5 Bring the house down and get rich (7,4,4)

FEATHER ONE’S NEST :  FEATHER(down,layer of fine feathers in birds, especially the young) plus(bring) ONE”S NEST(the house).  Nice surface of a popular entertainer getting rich.

6 Team leader’s lecherous? That’s problematical! (6)

THORNY :  T(initial letter,leader of “team”) + HORNY(lecherous,sexually lustful, apparently derived from reference to the horns of the goat, which was a symbol of lust.  In this age of equality, the description may be used to refer to either sex) 

7 Deterioration of rare books (3)

ROT :  R(abbrev. for rare, what your waitress writes when you want your meat bloody) + OT(the Old Testament comprising of a series of books)

8 Choose to prevent excavation (9)

DETERMINE :  DETER(to prevent from happening) + MINE(an excavation to extract coal and minerals)

13 Doctor hid test-tube to fail (4,3,4)

BITE THE DUSTAnagram of(doctor, as a verb) HID TEST-TUBE.

Answer: From the literal fall face down to the ground and dirt in defeat.

15 A rodent enters river that’s clear (9)

EXONERATE :  ONE RAT(a rodent) contained in(enters) EXE(the river in England)

Answer:  Clear after being accused of a wrongdoing.

17 Gate for transport (8)

ENTRANCE :  Double defn: 2nd: To transport into a trance

20 Keen to get skill without study (6)

ARDENT :  ART(skill) containing(without,outside) DEN(study room)

23 Wish happiness to bishop to a smaller extent (5)

BLESS :  B(abbrev. for bishop in chess notation) plus(to) LESS(a smaller extent)

25 Some catch a glimpse of witch (3)

HAGHidden in(some) catcH A Glimpse.




2 Responses to “Financial Times 13945 Armonie”

  1. crypticsue says:

    An easy start to the week but a bit too ‘chestnutty’!

  2. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Armonie for a pleasantly straightforward puzzle and scchua for the blog.

    11ac: s for “succeeded” is in Chambers 2008 and Collins 2000, which are the two dictionaries within easy reach as I am typing this.

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