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Financial Times 13,938 – Crux

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on March 8th, 2012

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/Feb 27

We (= my PinC and I) thought this was a 3E crossword. First E for ‘Easy’,  another E for ‘Elegant’ and the final one, deservedly so, for ‘Enjoyable’.  We do need some help, though, for the Last of the Horizontals and the First of the Verticals.  Even so, Crux, many thanks for the Entertainment – providing one more E !

Definitions are underlined where applicable and/or relevant.

1 OUTSHINE Eclipse to give more light, paradoxically
    A straightforward definition plus a cryptic one
5 SPEECH Address may show where you’re from
    Double definition
9 ALERTING Put out triangle as warning
10 CLIENT Patron contributes to clinic and hospital department
    CLI (a contribution to the word ‘clinic’) + ENT (hospital department)
12     GLAND Girl donates heart and liver, for example
    G[ir]L (girl donating, ie giving away, her heart) + AND
13 LIE ON OATH To commit perjury may get you into a hole
    (INTO A HOLE)*
14 DELTAS Having lasted remarkably some flowers form them
    (LASTED)* – the ‘flowers’ here are the other ‘flowers’, the ones containing water, also the ones that can make up to one or two DELTAS
16 DRIBLET Possibly swallow the wrong way? Allow a little water
    DRIB (reversal of ‘bird’ (possibly swallow)) + LET (allow)
19 TOTALLY To agree completely
    TO + TALLY (agree)
21 WEEPIE Very small turnover, perhaps, could have you in tears
    WEE (very small) + PIE (turnover, perhaps)
23 MAELSTROM     Two thousand houses are lost, destroyed in fearsome current
    MM (two thousand) around (cleverly indicated by ‘houses’) (ARE LOST)*
25 CAUSE Produce audible bird calls
    Homophone of  ‘caws’ (bird calls)
26 EMPLOY Take on just half of them – a clever move
    [the]EM (just half of ‘them’) + PLOY (a clever move)
27 INCIDENT Episode in The Detectives, possibly ten to follow
    IN + CID (The Detectives, possibly) + (TEN)*
28 SOLDER Fighter doesn’t need one to join up
    SOLD[I]ER, seen as SOLDIER (fighter) minus I (one)
29     SYNONYMS They convey much the same, in other words
    Cryptic definition – but to be honest, we need some assistance to fully grab this one
1 ORANGE Dutch house in Blenheim? No, surprisingly
    Double definition, perhaps? The Royal House is clear, but despite there is something like a Blenheim Orange, we were stumped by what the last part of the clue really meant – help!
2 THE LATEST     Worst timekeeper, maybe, has breaking news
    Double definition
3 HATED Unexpected death viewed with hostility
4 NONPLUS Cause dismay giving almost zero bonus
    NON[e] (almost zero) + PLUS (bonus)
6 POLONAISE     Rod grabs Sonia roughly for a dance
    POLE (rod) around (SONIA)*
7 ENEMA Sudden emasculation – it’s partly for your own good!
    Hidden solution:  [sudd]EN EMA[sculation]
8 HATCHETS Lid on chest designed to display tools
    HAT (lid) + (CHEST)*
11 LEAD Pub’s empty – could indicate some kind of poisoning
    Cryptically, an empty Pub is Pb. In Chemistry that’s LEAD. And of course there’s also a thing called LEAD poisoning.
15     TELESCOPE Glass box with compass
    TELE (box) + SCOPE (compass)
17 LEISURELY Lie around, definitely relaxed
    (LIE)* + SURELY (definitely)
18 STAMMERS Dancing m-masters show these impediments
20 YARN Tall story leads to your arrest – reveal nothing!
    The leading letters of Y[our] A[rrest] R[eveal] N[othing]
21 WOMANLY Ladylike, yet mostly masculine
    The word WOMANLY is mostly MANLY – didn’t like this clue
22 HEATHS Old PM’s country acres
    HEATH (old PM) + S
24 EXPEL Reject old footballing legend? Not entirely
    EX (old) + PEL[e]
25 CAIRO Capital’s a vital element in business
    AIR (a vital element) inside CO (business, company)

7 Responses to “Financial Times 13,938 – Crux”

  1. Rishi says:


    Thanks for the blog. You’ve done an excellent job.

    As for 29ac, it’s not a great clue and I think there’s little to be said.

    As you know, a synonym is a word having the same (or very nearly the same) meaning. Again, as you know, we use the phrase “in other words” when having just said something we try to put it in a different way to make ourselves more clear and more precise.

    The setter combines these two ideas in the clue.

    However, the phrase “in other words” will almost always precede our second way of expressing an idea.

  2. Pandean says:

    I think the second part of the clue to 1dn may be based on the Blenheim Orange being a type of apple rather than an orange. I’m not quite convinced the clue really works, though.

  3. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Yes, Pandean, that is indeed how we looked at it too.
    An orange in Blenheim? Oh, gosh, surprise surprise, it’s not an orange (but an apple).

  4. Bamberger says:

    Well all I can say is that I thought this was the hardest Crux I have ever attempted and even with aids I completed less than half.
    Easy? I think John Mcenroe had an expression that covers this. It begins with “You” and ends with “serious”
    1a Didn’t help that I was convinced it was over??n? so I thought 2d started with e.
    5a I think this was first in and was confidently put in as accent. That somewhat ruined my chances of 6d -or maybe not as I’d never had got polonaise and 8d
    10a I don’t think I’ve ever seen the contributes to trick.
    23a I think I’ve come across maelstrom but unitl now I didn’t know what it meant.

    6d Never heard of this
    15d I couldn’t get box= tele and I still don’t see what scope has got to with a direction finder.

    Thanks for the blog

  5. Ernie says:


    Compass can mean range as well as an instrument.

    And range = scope

  6. Bamberger says:

    Ernie at 5 . Sorry I’m struggling here -the building was within cannon range works but the building was within firing compass doesn’t. I’m sure you are right but could you please give an example?

  7. Ernie says:

    An example would be ‘within compass of someone’s voice’ to denote the range of notes or tones within its capacity.
    Chambers gives the meaning of compass as:
    range of pitch of a voice or (musical) intrument.

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